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Watch Tyler Smilo Play a Trio of Songs on Top of the Renaissance Centre

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Google searching for solution to European Parliament resloution.

Five months after the Supreme Court rules against it, Aereo files for Chapter 11 protection.

House Republicans are suing the President. Where's Edgar Snyder when you need him?

President Obama addressed the nation last night in regards to his new plan for immigration policy, did you tune in? If you didn't we've got you covered. In other news, the CIA is trying to delete all their old emails, and in Iraq and Syria the refugee crisis seems to be getting out of hand. 

Local singer parodies infectious pop song to spread message about controversial topic.

Max & Erma's will celebrate the joys of beards and moustaches in a competition to see who has the most fantastic facial hair in the Erie area.

It's Thirsty Thursday and you need something to talk about. So here are five stories, neatly summarized for you. Another man was arrested outside the White House, snow is proving deadly in Western New York, and someone has been charged in the Edinboro shooting. All that and more, in case you missed it.

Why violence? Words are weapons too.

Turns out your local Country Fair is good for more than just buying gas, smokes, and Red Bull. 

There's a new Senate in town and bills are already getting shot down. In other news, protestors in Hong Kong are somberly starting to pack it in, and here in Erie we honor one of our many fine educators. You're halfway through the week. Stay strong. 

It was a busy Monday night, folks. A shooting put a local university on lockdown, Ferguson has been placed in a state of emergency, and Erie has made the national spotlight. That, and Charles Manson is getting married. Read all that and more, in case you missed it.

No love for Putin at the G20 summit, but that hasn't stopped him from stepping on toes worldwide. In the meantime, ISIS continues to behead innocent American aid workers, and Google raises a hefty sum of donations to fight Ebola in West Africa. Happy Monday, everybody, the world keeps spinning. 

The New Pornographers and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart provided plenty of pop-rock punch at Cleveland's House of Blues.

Film at the Erie Art Museum finishes it Fall 2014 season with a look at film critic Roger Ebert.

Pope Francis, Accountants, and Patti Smith. Only in Rome.

Local singer-songwriter braves the cold weather on the Renaissance Centre roof for the latest additions to his Rooftop Sessions series.

Like your funk Freeky? Your Freek funky? Then head to the Docksider tonight!

It looks like President Obama is finally putting his executive powers to use in the matter of immigration laws, and while that's all well and good, it seems that our military officials are considering a ground force intervention in Iraq. Otherwise, global climate change continues to be a hot issue worldwide, and at home Tom Wolf is saying "no thank you" to gifts. The week's almost out, make sure you're still in the loop.

Erie Yellow Cab has some Uber competition.

The viral Adult Swim parody Too Many Cooks, while not lethal, is certainly proving itself an infectious 11 minutes of insanity.

It's Thursday and the week is almost over, but that doesn't mean news has stopped happening. Sailors were attacked, sex crimes were uninvestigated, and there might be a new roudabout in Waterford. All the and more, in case you missed it.

The FCC is sending more bandwidth to auction. Could this unhinge County plans for a public radio system?

The popular genre-bending cellist and composer brings his distinct brand of indie folk to Erie.

The comedy legend makes his first Erie appearance.

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The popular genre-bending cellist and composer brings his distinct brand of indie folk to Erie.

The comedy legend makes his first Erie appearance.

Local organization Pro Wrestling Rampage celebrates its 7th anniversary.

Addressing the future of athletics in the Erie School District.

The imminent closing of Shur-fine on West Eighth Street will result in a food desert.

In 2102, a van and a narrow patch of asphalt changed Bob Sonnenberg’s life permanently.

This crowdfunding program could be the answer Erie needs to foster new businesses.

To invest, or not to invest taxpayer money in the Public Safety Radio System – that is the question.

The Texas-based band brings their metalcore to Basement Transmissions.

The real reason the Republican Party came out on top Nov. 4.