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When Nine Become Two

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Your guide to the 2017 festival scene

Analysis, commentary on Erie’s latest elections

Frank advice from a former mayor to a future one


Erie team ends its championship drought


Scenic speed bumps and ski mask surprise

Education’s piece of the state budget


Her lyrics hint at a neuroticism, filled with worry and regret.

No comment

Link’s work fits the space, where sound just carries well, and, with those barn doors wide open, lingers sweetly as it flows out into the air.

The script and the musical numbers make “no attempt to equivocate the soul-destroying effects” of the reefer.

Classic rock sounds bump together, seen through the lens of a millennial hipster.

Can you imagine playing poker while paddling through Presque Isle?

The evening features yard games, food from The Que Abides, dessert, and drinks.

Plenty of pork in store for 27th Annual Ribfest

Sometimes things have a way of working out, even when they don’t go precisely as planned. 

We think Erie will be in good hands. 

Both Sides

Erie’s Russian Festival kicks off Memorial Day weekend

Whether it’s exploiting personal anxieties or the current fears and uncertainties of the public, horror is sometimes the only genre to bring up points that we would dare not bring up in any other situation.

It’s a gorgeous record, able to stand alone with or without the context.

The strength of the Mountain Goats will always rest solely on the shoulders of John Darnielle. His brilliant lyricism and idiosyncratic vocal delivery tells a story like no other living person can. 

The day after Erie’s mayoral primary election

14-year-old Alton Northup's thinking is progressive and something worth listening to. 

Who will win, and who should win, as mayoral momentum mounts

Leader - ship

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