Big Leg Emma, jazz greats shakin' the i -- TONIGHT!

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Saturday, January 18th, 2014 at 2:09 PM

It's almost time -- just some short hours away now -- for Erie to get its first Big Leg Emma fix of 2014, as the Western New York-based Americana-jam outfit returns to the Crooked i at 1031 State Street tonight.

And this evening, BLE -- longtime local favorites and staples of the wider region's jam, roots and rock scenes -- are bringing along a couple of very special guests, renowned jazz-trumpet greats Willie Waldman and Herman Green.

"We're super-stoked about kicking off the new year in Erie with [Waldman and Green],"  said BLE multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Charity Nuse. "It's gonna be kind of a free-form-style setup."

Here are some other words Charity shared during a recent quick chat with the Reader's Ryan Smith:

Ryan Smith: So, give us a general sense of how Big Leg Emma stretched out in 2013, and what's kickin' in the new year.

Charity Nuse: We've got some really exciting things going on. We just signed with a new manager [Tom Blessing, whose roster has included Blue Moon Soup, David Gans, Boombox and plenty of others,] and we're feeling really good about that. And we've started working on a lot of new material ... [on both] the folk side and the jamming side.

RS: Talk a little about playing in Erie.

CN:  We consider the Crooked i our hometown place to be in Erie. As a touring band, you really rely on venues that support original music, and support original bands.

RS: Tell those who maybe aren't in the know a little about what Big Leg Emma is.

CN:  If we were to put our music into a category, it would be considered Americana-jam. ...[RS Note: Emphasis on that jam. It's deep with Big Leg, dear readers. Real deep.] Especially [tonight, with Waldman and Green], there's definitely going to be a lot of inspiration in the moment.

RS: Can't wait. Anything else off the top of your head?

CN: The show starts at 9 -- tell your friends!

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