Chef Jorge Offers his Catch of the Day

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Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 at 11:06 PM
Chef Jorge Offers his Catch of the Day by Jorge A. Bustamante

When it comes to seafood, salmon is one of the more popular dishes ordered. I can honestly say that back in the day when my friend Larry and I were cooking at the hotel, we would have a good four to six salmon steaks cooking at a time.

And even people that are not avid fish eaters will say they enjoy salmon—being that it does not have that fishy taste other fish may have.

The great part of eating salmon is that besides it being a healthy, lean protein, salmon is also rich in omega 3 essenttial fatty acids. Omega-3s are great for our bodies. They help with our circulation and many other things. But our body cannot naturally produce this fatty acid, so we have to get it from the food we eat, and in this case: Salmon.

While my family was up visiting from the beautiful state of Maryland, I decided that we needed to stay in for at least one meal. So I cooked a salmon fillet with a few seasonings and fresh herbs and some oranges.

The real kick was that the next day we went to Presque Isle Wine Cellar for a wine tasting. It was such an enjoyable time, and I researched all the wines to the best of my knowledge. Personally, I loved their blueberry wine. I recommend going out one weekend; they offer free tastings through out the week too.

But back to our focus on salmon. While at the wine cellar I found their 2007 Chardonnay Wine. It is a dry wine with what they called a, “soft citrus fruit, butter, and toasted oak.” I tasted it, and I knew I jumped the gun on my salmon. This was what I needed to make it again: I needed to cook it in this wine. So trusting my culinary taste, I remade the salmon dish so that now you can share with your friends and family.

So let us start our journey on a simply delicious and nutritious salmon dish, using some of our local treasures here in Erie.

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