Danko Jones // Fire Music

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Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 at 9:15 AM
Danko Jones // Fire Music by B. Toy

Danko Jones

Fire Music

Bad Taste

4 Stars

At a club show in his native Canada about a year ago, Danko Jones said  “Let’s not kid ourselves. Our brand of rock ‘n’ roll music sounds a lot like a lot of other bands’ brands of rock ‘n’ roll music.” It’s true. Songs like “Do You Wanna Rock” have essentially the same message that rock has had since the days of Judas Priest and BOC. It’s all about power chords, shredding guitars, and sex. But I can’t help myself... I love this stuff. It reaches into my guts and makes me want to go for a run (and I never want to go for a run). Danko Jones tours Europe every year with crazy Norwegians climbing over themselves to get to the stage. The band gets regular airplay north of our border, but why they don’t get any American airplay is beyond me, especially since the first single from this album, “There’s Going to be a Fight Tonight” is a fist-pumping AC/DC-style mega-hit waiting to happen. – Bryan Toy

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