Erie Listener Episode 6: Deep Sea Dive

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 at 11:22 AM

Jay talks with Global Summit speaker and marine biologist, oceanographer, and underwater explorer, Edith Widder, about what it's like thousands of feet below the ocean's surface, what the ocean floor can tell us, and why acting now to curb pollution and factory fishing is vital, not only for the ocean, but for life on Earth. Also, Jay and John talk elections, and Penn State Behrend's new video game design program. Are video games art?

Erie Reader: Vol. 6, No. 25
Available on Dec. 7, 2016


Local politicians Breneman and Brennan unite to engage the community and combat Erie’s east side blight.


Erie stands with Standing Rock 

Barbara and Julian Stanczak at Mercyhurst University’s Cummings Gallery

Erie will become a “Broadway Christmas Wonderland” for just one night.

Australian musician Joe Robinson will play a special performance for one night only at PACA.