Experience Eye-opening Theater with “An Evening with the Creators of Invisible Thread”

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Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015 at 3:00 PM
Experience Eye-opening Theater with “An Evening with the Creators of Invisible Thread” by Ben Speggen
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What weaves together spoken word, musical theater, and gospel into one performance? For Griffin Matthews and Matt Gould, it’s the story of the Invisible Thread of personal crisis that leads a young man from the streets of New York City halfway across the globe and into the lives of orphaned teenagers in Uganda.

Sure, you may be thinking to yourself: Self, I already know this story: Someone’s seeking refuge from potential calamity in the most basic of ways:  by running away from it. And you may think you can guess the impending plot twist: additional – perhaps even more challenging – crises lie ahead (which may or not lead to some sort of epiphany or cosmic tragedy – depending on the mood of the storyteller).

While that may be one of the most universal tales in humanity (heck, we’re all running from – and looking for – something, aren’t we?), Matthews and Gould give the story an urgent contemporary facelift. This makes it both relevant and captivating without being stale, exploring sexuality, religion, and global injustice. What makes this significant to Erie is that the co-creators are bringing the music of their already award-winning show — backed by a local gospel choir — here before it debuts on Broadway this fall.

So be there. You can brag to friends that you saw the next big thing in Erie before it was big in the Big Apple. 

– Ben Speggen

7:30 p.m. // Mary D’Angelo Performing Arts Center, 501 E. 38th St. // miac.mercyhurst.edu

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