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Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 at 4:00 PM

We all have our favorites. From the kindergarten days of picking a favorite color to the first time we tell friends that a particular season – in our opinion – is the better than the other three, we take joy in expressing ourselves and letting our opinions be known. 

As adults we continue the tradition of arguing over our favorites. Around the watercooler, we’ll debate what the best show on TV is. Over beers, we’ll try to convince each other that a particular band beats all over bands that came before or will come after it.

And we all apply this to the places in which we live.

Favorite place to get a slice pizza? Best lunch joint? Only place where you’d buy music? The place to hear live music? The spot to been seen on a Saturday night?

We host these debates for several reasons. First, they’re fun – because we’re passionate about what we like and we like to see if people agree with us. Second, there’s the chance we’ll learn about something new and be challenged to try something different, to step outside of what we know and like. Old favorites can be affirmed, new favorites can be made.

In our Aug. 6 issue, we announced the launch of the Best Of Erie, Erie Reader’s official reader-driven voting competition to find out what you think is the best the Gem City has to offer in 2014. It’s our way of taking the conversation from the watercoolers, the bars, and streets and centralizing it at one common place for everyone to have their say:

Since launching our first-ever Best Of Erie, the nominations have been pouring in. But there’s still time to make sure your favorite whatever – the things you think Erie does best – makes the cut for voting. Remember, this is a reader-driven experience, and if you don’t nominate what you think is the Best Of Erie in any of the more than 180 categories, there’s no guarantee that it’ll make the voting ballot.

From now until Sept. 2, head to and click the Best Of Erie logo. You’ll be prompted to tells us – through the four main headings of: Goods & Services, Culture & Nightlife, Food & Drink, and People & Places – who and what you think deserves a chance to win the title of Best Of Erie through the voting process.

That voting process will begin Sept. 3. So when our next issue hits, nominations will be closed and only the people, places, and things nominated will appear on the ballot. 

And nominating a business, establishment, person, or place is easy: Just click the category and enter some simple information, like the name of that business, establishment, person, or place and voila – it’ll appear on the official Best Of Erie ballot, which you can return to to vote on Sept. 3.

Don’t have time to fill out the 180-plus categories at one time? No problem; you can return to your nomination form at any time. Don’t have answers for seven of the categories? That’s fine, too. Just put “I don’t know” or Leave it blank. Just make sure you do so by Sept. 2.

After that, the voting will begin – and we guarantee that it’ll be just as easy as nominating. Voting will take place – just as nominations did – at Check back here in this very column for details on that process next issue.

Like we said before, we get to have our say in each issue and 24/7 on our site. The Best Of Erie is your chance to tell us what your favorites are and what you think Erie does best. And so far, it’s been an awesome and fun process – let’s keep it going, Erie.

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