From the Editors: March 1, 2017

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Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 at 10:00 AM
From the Editors: March 1, 2017 by The Editors

This year, we’re quickly learning to expect the unexpected. All bets are off. It was 77 degrees in February. In Erie. If you think something is going to be a certain way, chances are it won’t.

Life presents new changes around the corner every day. Some of these things are fun and interesting, and are received by us with open arms, a welcome reprieve to everyday stresses.

This year, we’re quickly learning to expect the unexpected. All bets are off.

Some are the opposite. New changes come, too often, in the form of tragedy. Lives are cut short, forever altering those around them.

Over the course of this month, our community has been hit by a startling number of deaths from heroin overdoses. This horrific epidemic is cutting down people in the prime of their lives. Creative young people with open minds and warm hearts, who had so much to give, are dying right before our eyes. So many things need to be done to curb this troubling tide. Support treatment centers and encourage counseling services. Talk to your friends. Reach out and make it known that you’re eager to listen, giving help when needed.

Don’t be fooled by appearances. Problems can live secretly for years, only to manifest themselves when it’s too late.

As frightening as it is, even the air we breathe can pose a threat to our health. Join Katie Chriest as she lays out the facts about the Erie Coke Corporation. The company, along with its nearly identical plant in Tonawanda, New York, has a documented history of environmental degradation. These plants emit benzene, a harmful chemical and known carcinogen. Tracing the history of both the Erie Coke and Tonawanda Coke plants, Chriest connects the dots, shedding light on the dangerous implications that go along with this type of contamination.

Now is the time to change things. Do what you can to reverse the dark tide of illness and death. Though at times these problems may seem insurmountable, remember that nothing is solved by inaction. Despite the terrible circumstances that life sometimes hands us, we must persist and persevere. Help those who need it. If you believe you’re being led down the wrong path, do what you can to change the minds of those in power. Write and call them. Arm yourself with the knowledge you need, and spread the word. Above all, be safe. Make sure the time we have here is the best that it can be, because it’s a precious, wonderful thing.

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