Manchester Orchestra // Cope

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Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 at 5:39 AM
Manchester Orchestra // Cope by Jess Scutella

Manchester Orchestra


Sony Music Entertainment

5 Stars

Manchester Orchestra has been a monstrous fly on the wall for years. Laboring with tough lineup changes, religious speculation, and dancing between big-label promises and small-band mentalities, the band has released an album that balances the big production feel with their true basement sound. Cope sets neatly in between their 2011 release, Simple Math, and 2009’s Mean Everything to Nothing. Although Manchester Orchestra has always had colorful and powerful lyrics, the lyrical aggressiveness on this record shows Andy Hull, the band’s singer, as a strong and nuanced voice that should be respected in this generation of music. The drum strategies are interesting and pulsating in each and every song. All of the songs create their own voice with relentless, guitar-driven melodies, like in “All That I Really Wanted” and “Trees.” Whether you are needing some good old-fashioned rock music or indie expressions, Cope creates the perfect atmosphere for some solid listening. — Jess Scutella

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