Mbongwana Star // From Kinshasa

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Wednesday, July 8th, 2015 at 4:42 PM
Mbongwana Star // From Kinshasa by B. Toy

Mbongwana Star

From Kinshasa

World Circuit


I listened to this cacophony of electric Afrobeat songs from Congolese seven-piece band Mbongwana Star all day expecting to get bored. That never happened. Occasionally, the repetitive rumba grooves played on steel drums, conga, and a variety of metallic and plastic trash found on the city streets of Kinshasa would lull me and become background noise, but then some interesting and completely unexpected fuzzed-out guitar or multi-layered chant would capture my attention again. A perfect place to hear this mash-up of percussion is a killer groove called “Malukayi.” The driving, electric, and slightly off-kilter “Nganshé” is also typical of the exciting vibe this band puts out. To contrast that, “Coco Blues” is sweet and melodious. If you are not a current fan of world music, this album is your perfect introduction. The slick production and western rock-influenced touches of this unique African band will keep you dancing around your house for hours. – Bryan Toy

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