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Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 at 6:15 AM
Outside Voices by Jessica Courter
Joshua Harbaugh

Cam El-Farouki

“I am concerned about the ramifications of fracking in terms of ground water and also earth movement and possible earthquakes, so I feel like I’d want to see more information about the long-term consequences."

Jessica Hunter

“I think that there are definitely questionable things that are happening right now. We need to find out what the long- and short-term effects are on health before we can even go further with a ban. I understand it generates a lot of revenue, but at what cost to health and safety?”

Joshua Harbaugh

“I would [support a ban] because it can affect the quality of the local water supply, livestock, and everything to do with that. At the same time, the economy sucks and people need to have jobs but…it’s detrimental to the environment, so I would support it.”

Drummer Volkman

“I would support a ban on fracking in Erie County because it does ruin the environment and that’s more important than any economic benefits that we could receive from it.” 

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