Outside Voices: Downtown Development

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Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 at 6:11 AM
Outside Voices: Downtown Development by Jessica Courter

We are well aware that Erie is full of cool places and awesome things to do, and we strive to tell you of said places to check out and things to do in our regular If We Were You. Lately, however, we are seeing some of Erie’s downtown businesses sadly coming to an end and we are dealing with a lot of “lasts.” With sad eyes, we watched the crooked i’s finale weekend, as local bands alongside nationally touring acts took to the stage at 1013 State St. for the final time. And the crooked i isn’t alone; other businesses have shuttered their doors and posted up the “Closed” sign for good, too. With the closing and selling of local club, bars, and venues, the downtown Erie landscape is changing; so we took to the streets to ask the question:

What sort of businesses would you like to see in these now-vacant locations in downtown Erie?

Jinkou Peng 

“I think I would prefer a bookstore because I am very interested in reading…I am a student at Gannon and usually go to the Gannon bookstore, which is more expensive than other bookstores.”

Brianna Peyton

“I feel like we don’t have a lot of sit-down type restaurants. I know there is a lot of fast food like McDonald’s, but I feel like we need more little cafes or do something more with an art place. I know there’s the art museum, but we can sort of build on that.”

Daniel Miaczynski 

“Some more night clubs wouldn’t be bad as long as they’re maintained—what I mean by maintained is that they are well-managed—and as long as we don’t let it get away from its original purpose of going to have a good time.” 

Tina Zappa 

“I would want to see more cultural businesses coming into Erie, like stuff that has to do more with art or just places where people can hang out but don’t have to drink or isn’t open really late at night. Just more places open during the day.”

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