Solidarity & Peace Rally Slated in Response to Events in Ferguson, Mo.

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Monday, August 18th, 2014 at 2:09 PM

By now, you’ve heard and seen the news. An unrest remains in Ferguson, Mo. following the death of Michael Brown.

Six-hundred and some odd miles to the east, an organized rally of prayer, solidarity, and peace to address the issues in the St. Louis suburb will take place in Erie. The rally – organized by the Christ Community Church under the leadership of Lead Pastor Rev. Darrell Cook – will also address the increasing violence in the city of Erie.

From 5 to 6 p.m. Monday, Aug. 18, the rally will convene at the corners of East 10th and Wallace streets at the Eastside Eagles Neighborhood Watch’s Wooga Park.

“The rally was coordinated to give a voice and point of contact to those who are frustrated and concerned about the events of Ferguson, and the increasing violence in Erie,” Cook said in a press release. “The message is that this is an ‘our’ issue (collectively) and not a ‘their’ issue.  Together we can use our gifts and resources to be a corporate catalyst for change.”

Various area clergy, including the Rev. Dr. Charles E. Mock (Community Missionary Baptist Church), Rev. Anthony G. Harris (Shiloh Baptist Church), Dr. Parris Baker (Believer’s International Worship Center), the Eastside Eagles Neighborhood Watch Group (under the leadership of Steve Simmelkjaer), and various community leaders, will lead the rally in song, prayer, and words of peace and encouragement.

“Dr. (Martin Luther) King was the drum major of the civil rights movement, but change occurred because the band played on,” Cook added. “Our long and short-term goals are to utilize the power of social media and mobile phones, to organize our community more efficiently, in order to identify more like-minded individuals whom are willing to tackle these tough issues together today and in the future.”

As for just how religiosity can affect social justice and issues of violence, Cook said: “The greatest benefit of prayer and religiosity is that they are key elements which bring us together and focus us on the right things, even when the conversation and issues are uncomfortable.  It causes us to focus on love, and the commonality of love allows us to work through the uncomfortable issues.”


For more information about Monday’s rally, contact Selena King at 403.2807.

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