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Thursday, June 27th, 2013 at 2:58 PM
Sounds of the Underground by Tommy Shannon

When a band comes back from the dead for a reunion show and/or tour, their former fans and followers who started listening to them after the breakup proceed to, to put it simply, go berserk.  This holds true for nearly every major reunion of a defunct band, and it’s no different in Erie. 

In 2008, Lake Effect was most certainly in effect when Erie hardcore’s iconic Shockwave came together again for a massive reunion show at Forward Hall, and just a few weeks ago, one of two reincarnations of Black Flag came through Erie, where they were met with the same level of overwhelming enthusiasm as they’ve received all across the country.

When In The Day announced that their last show would be December 18, 2011 at Basement Transmissions, I was heartbroken.  I had never had to deal with any of my favorite bands breaking up before, let alone one that became my gateway into the Erie music scene.  But sure enough, I was there singing my heart out to every line one last time. 

As I’ve said in previous blog posts, Erie’s underground music scene has been mostly made up of hardcore.  Bands like Brother’s Keeper, Shockwave, xRepresentx, and Domestic War have dominated the scene, but In The Day brought something different to the table.  In The Day was the first pop-punk band to form in Erie, but the members’ hardcore backgrounds gave them a certain edge that you couldn’t find in other pop-punk bands of the time. 

While they didn’t tour as much and weren’t nationally known like the previously mentioned hardcore bands, In The Day were definitely a favorite among local show goers and all of their shows drew large crowds. Their 2010 full-length album, “Friends, Foes, and Failures,” is certain to become a classic among the Erie scene.

Now, everyone – like me – who felt grief over the band’s premature break up is getting another chance to sing along with Erie’s pop-punk heroes at In The Day’s reunion show at Basement Transmissions Friday, June 28.

Usually around this time of year, St. Corey’s Day is held somewhere between Erie and Edinboro in honor of Corey Wolfram, a member of the Erie hardcore scene who died from diabetes in 2009.  The proceeds from St. Corey’s Day go to the Erie County Diabetes Association.  But when this year’s St. Corey’s Day was cancelled, In The Day’s bassist Tony Amatangelo took it upon himself to make sure there would still be a show.

“We were supposed to play St. Corey's Day,” Amatangelo said, “but those guys had some difficulties with booking agents along with a lot on their plate with DFA Records.  So when we saw it was cancelled we were already too stoked on playing so we figured why not just use the same date and the local bands who confirmed [to play] St. Corey's day and boom there's a show.”

The locals bands Amatangelo refers to are: Phases, Barlow, Mere Phantoms, and Human Animal.  Tuesday’s Too Late, from New Castle, Pa., are also playing.  Tuesday’s Too Late toured with In The Day several times before their break up, and the bands have remained friends.

Like St. Corey’s Day, this show will too be a benefit, but for the Second Harvest Food Bank.  The admission price at the door is $5, or free with the donation of a non-perishable food item.

“Honestly, I chose the Second Harvest Food Bank because it’s simple and easy,” Amatangelo said. “Each of us either works full time with other side jobs or have to travel. With SHFB we just have to put a box at the front door and drop it off.”

If In The Day’s farewell show in 2011 is any indication – with the audience packed so tight there was barely any room for the band – their reunion show on Friday should be one of the most energetic shows ever seen within the walls of Basement Transmissions.  Bob Jensen, the owner of Basement Transmissions says it ranks in the top 5 most important shows he’s had at his venue.

“In The Day has been quintessential to Erie's punk and hardcore communities,” Jensen said. “I am extremely excited they asked me to have it at Basement Transmissions! It tells me that I have their support at my place, and it gives me a great deal of satisfaction knowing that those guys want to have it at B.T. instead of one of the other venues in town.”

Amatangelo also has high hopes for the show.  “I'm really hoping for over 100 kids,” he said.

To hear In The Day’s music from their full-length album and their split seven-inch vinyl with Domestic War, check out their Reverb Nation page.

And for more information about the show, click here.

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