The Professionals? Pub: U Pick 6 Tap House

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Wednesday, October 5th, 2011 at 11:30 AM
The Professionals? Pub: U Pick 6 Tap House by mike bennet
Michael Bennett / Erie Reader

The revitalization of downtown Erie has taken another step forward with the opening of the new U Pick 6 Tap House at the corner of Fourth and State streets.

The atmosphere is comfortable and accommodating and suited for any occasion where beer is the indulgence.

The layout is open, yet portioned off to fill the needs of all types of engagements. There are long tables at which to break bread and converse. High tables at which to sip pints and watch a soccer match. A lounge area to relax, sink into a chair and enjoy the company of a beer. And two outdoor seating areas to clasp a brew and feel the crisp fall air move in to replace summer.

Building on the success of the U Pick 6 shop on upper Peach Street, the Tap House is dedicated to beer and serving the local populace.

?There is a beer out there for everybody,? said managing partner Tom Brasco Jr. ?Our role that we have tried to carve out is to provide the opportunity to try different things. Good beer, good food, and a good experience.?

Brasco, along with owner Russ Stachewicz and John Melody have over 100 years of collective restaurant experience and are dedicated not just to the beer but to the true idea of localism.

From local brewers to local suppliers, the Tap House makes a concerted effort to support Erie and the surrounding area.

?We make a point of bringing local beer to our guests, Brasco said. ?We want to support our local economy. The best way to do that is to grow your industry from within your own city.?

The city is also the key to their vision of success. The location is perfectly situated in one of the most concentrated areas of professional workers in Erie. Even with a target demographic of professionals, the Tap House does not hold a stuffy, snobbish feel. It is a relaxed environment for any and all who wish enjoy beer in all of its glory.

Not only do they wish to cater to downtown workers, the Tap House has hired over 40 employees to help make each experience a great one.

?I look at us as providing the outlet for somebody really into beer,? Brasco said. ?We see ourselves as educators as well as a business.?

And that is not an empty statement. Each member of the staff is well versed in their knowledge of the drink and is willing to meet the taste of the clientele.

The kitchen holds an array of delights to match palate of any beer drinker.

?The kitchen is no grease, no grill,? he said. ?It?s a lot of fresh ingredients. The concentration is on fresh food made in a gourmet concept. Gourmet pizzas, sandwiches, and fresh salads. Food that goes well with beer.?

The Tap House is located at 333 State St. and is open every day for lunches, happy hours, and into the night for those seeking great beer.

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