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Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 at 11:01 AM
Voting Information by Ben Speggen

In case you somehow managed to simultaneously not look at any glowing rectangles, leaf through any paper rectangles, or notice any cardboard rectangles on wire sticks jammed into peoples’ front lawns to wake up today and magically find your way to, today is Election Day.

Seriously. We’re not kidding. People have been talking about this. And other things. But mainly this.

To help out, here’s some important information – in case you haven’t already heard – that you need to know today:

Don't know where you’re supposed to report to cast your ballot? Click here for polling stations.

Afraid you’ll be asked for ID like when you’re buying a pack of smokes or a six-pack? You will. But unlike when The Man asks for ID for your pack of Reds or case of High Life, you don’t have to present it. Seriously.

So it being Election Day and all is a pretty big deal. Really. Which means you should vote. Like, right now. Stop reading. We won’t mind. We’ll be waiting here for you when you come back. Seriously. We already voted so we're pretty much good to go until the results start pouring in.

But a few more things: some people will tell you that one vote really doesn’t make a difference – it does because when you show up to the polls today, no one will stop you from or oppress you for voicing your opinion, which happens elsewhere in the world. Others will tell you to Rock the Vote and you should – although it is recommended that you don’t show up to polling stations with a guitar and an amp. And others will even say something like “vote or die!” – although no deaths resulting in non-voting have been reported yet, it’s still scary, so we recommend voting just to be safe.

So do your part today: get out and vote. You can tell other people; you can keep it to yourself. Either way, if you’re still sitting there reading this, get up, leave now, and just go vote.


Beginning this evening, ErieReader will be livetweeting results as they come in. Follow us at @ErieReader for all the latest updates.


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