Americana Badasses Dragon Wagon Roll Back into Erie

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Wednesday, July 8th, 2015 at 2:42 PM

In the past few years, the Michigan-bred Americana badasses known as Dragon Wagon have come to know, and be known, and love, and be loved, by our fair city.

“Erie has always been so kind and responsive to our music,” says mandolinist Troy Radikin, describing the band’s latest mellifluent outflow as being mostly “songs about moonshine, the Great Lakes, prison life, and a dead dog.”

Sounds good, especially considering who’s doing it, and how.

And they’ll be doing it once again (and how) on Friday, July 10, when Dragon Wagon hitches back up for another free show at the King’s Rook Club.

If you’ve not seen Dragon Wagon’s jazzed-up, fevered-fun (re)vision of Americana, go check it out.

It’s like they say: “Once you hop on the Wagon, you’ll never forget the ride.” – Ryan Smith

9 p.m. // 1921 Peach St. //

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