Ryan SmithRyan Smith

Writer, Photographer

Raised in the wilds of the Allegheny National Forest, Ryan Smith transplanted to Northwestern Pa. in the late 1990s. He studied writing, print journalism and a motley collection of other subjects -- inside the classroom and out -- at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, and began using newspaper writing as a chief means of keeping the lights on (most of the time).

A freelance writer and photographer focusing on arts, culture and other topics throughout the region, Smith previously spent nearly nine years as a beat reporter in the Meadville Tribune's newsroom, covering everything from pet parades to murder trials and thousands of stories in between. His other past work experience includes (but isn't limited to) plenty of short-order cooking; short-order term paper-writing; painting classrooms, houses and other stuff; and hand-delivering his hometown's daily rag for years as a kid. Continued exposure to those pulpy papers' ink is at least partly to blame for his chosen career.

Smith lives in Edinboro with his fiance and two beautiful children, who teach him everything he ever really needs to know. He enjoys focusing his journalistic efforts on arts, culture and other topics throughout the region; being with his family; being out in the wilds; drawing feverishly; ego-shrinking exercises; ruminating on the collective consciousness; and letting his freak flag fly.

You can reach Ryan Smith by e-mail at rSmith@eriereader.com, and follow him on Twitter @.