Broccoli Samurai Show Off their Chops at the Kings Rook Club

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Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 at 2:45 PM
Broccoli Samurai Show Off their Chops at the Kings Rook Club by Nick Warren
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Saturday, May 21

If you said that Broccoli Samurai’s music reminds you of a video game, you wouldn’t be wrong. Last year, the group had bit of a viral video on their hands, with over a million views. I won’t ruin it for you. Look up “Broccoli Samurai Mario Kart,” to see for yourself. You can watch it five times in a row and never stop smiling.

Right away, you can tell that this is a fun band. The name itself clues you into their light-hearted approach. Maybe they don’t take everything seriously, but these Cleveland natives are definitely serious about playing.

“They’re in tons of festivals, they’ve played recently with Lotus and The New Deal,” their manager, Ryan Bartosek detailed. “They’ve played at places like Mr. Small’s, House of Blues in Cleveland, The Newport in Columbus. All big rooms.”

They’ll be in the big room at the Kings Rook Club, too. 

Bartosek went on to explain that “Broccoli Samurai shows are always a party. The grooves and soundscapes are mesmerizing and the beats are the kind that you feel through your entire body. You can’t help but hit the dancefloor.”

Stylistically, they play an electronica-inspired mix of instrumental improvisations: a genre known as Jamtronica. The melodies are funky and intelligent, full of inviting grooves and complex arrangements. Keyboard work provided by Ryan Hodson adds an essential  ingredient to the band’s sound. Chris Walker’s drums merge perfectly with every note. Zachary Wolfe Nagi-Schehl and Michael Vincent are perfectly in sync with their dexterous bass and guitar riffs, respectively. You can immerse yourself in this great soundtrack. It’s easy to imagine yourself cruising a 16-bit sports car through a neon-lit street on the way to your next level.

Both the top and bottom levels of the Rook will be active that night. Groovy Cleveland threesome, Vibe & Direct, will open up for Broccoli Samurai downstairs. The Rochester prog trio, Haewa, will keep everyone dancing in  a funky after-party upstairs. As an added bonus, current (and lapsed) Kings Rook Club members will be able to renew their memberships at a discounted price. 

10 p.m. // 1921 Peach St. // // $7 for current members, $10 for non-current and new members (includes 2016 membership)

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