Election Day!

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Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 at 6:42 AM
Election Day! by Cory Vaillancourt

Alright class, quiet down! Quiet down, I said! Take your seats. Now, class, today is Election Day. And, since your teacher’s head hurts from staying up late last night while celebrating Election Eve – Rupert be quiet! – today we’ll be watching a film. Susie, draw the shades.

Now class, the only movie I was able to dig up on short notice from our poorly-funded public school “media center” is a little old, but hey, you all better pay attention – if it was good enough for your great-grandmother, it will be good enough for you. So sit down, and shut up. No touching your neighbors. Timmy, dim the lights please. Rupert! No talking! Let’s all watch this film while teacher checks the inside of his eyelids for leaks.


Need to find YOUR polling place? Click here. Oh yeah, don't forget, you must bring photo ID to the polls - for a list of acceptable forms of ID, click here.

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 In small sips Girl Ray’s Earl Grey is delicious.