Erie's Rising Star

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Monday, August 11th, 2014 at 8:48 PM
Erie's Rising Star  by Jim Wertz
Wolf/Bizzarro Headquarters

Someone’s trying to capitalize politically by playing “catch a rising star” in Erie. And that’s no joke!

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf has teamed up with State Representative Ryan Bizzarro (D-3) to share campaign space next to Bizzarro’s Millcreek office at 1101 Peninsula Drive.

The fact that Wolf has chosen to unite his campaign with Bizzarro’s re-election bid is telling.

Wolf is likely the next Governor of Pennsylvania. It’s his to lose, really.

Governor Cor-Bott’s popularity is in the tank and no amount of campaign chicanery is likely to change that.    

When Wolf is elected he’s going to need allies in Harrisburg - and eventually Washington - to help re-rail Pennsylvania from the yard of deregulation and frackery.

Bizzarro is a perfect choice. His homespun western PA working-class values provide balance to Wolf’s eastern PA roots and storied educational and business background.  

Bizzarro has the faith of local Republicans and that works in Wolf’s favor as well.

Despite the fact that he’s facing a formidable challenge in the November election, Bizzarro’s local bipartisan support is likely give him the push he needs to keep his title.

Sorry, wrong Bizzarro. But you get the point.

And who knows, in two years when the good people of PA’s third congressional district are looking to send someone to Washington to represent the northern end of the district, Bizzarro - let's just say he should run - might enjoy the added benefit of the Governor’s endorsement.

This could turn out to be a beautiful political marriage. After all, they already share a lease.

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