GNOSiS // Silver Matter

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Wednesday, January 6th, 2016 at 12:15 PM
GNOSiS // Silver Matter by Nick Warren


Silver Matter


3.5/5 stars

Erie’s own GNOSiS is one of the best jam bands in the region. Silver Matter is a sonic treat from start to finish. I’ve been gathering my favorite instrumental albums and playing them when I really need to concentrate. This was added within seconds. Putting on the headphones, I was able to actually accomplish things to this music. In much the same way, live, you see the entire crowd becoming energized. It’s complex enough to stimulate the brain and get the juices flowing, without the distractions of misguided, half-hearted lyrics. It doesn’t meander like some of the more negative examples cited when people use the phrase “jam band” in the pejorative sense. The compositions have their destinations in sight; the band just enjoys taking the scenic route. This recording is perfectly transparent. Pat Scutella’s guitar tone bleeds into Troy Evans’ keyboards at times for a beautiful back-and-forth. Songs are dynamic and varied, some even having a sense of humor like “GeoMush.” It’s psychedelic, space-age fusion that’s brethren with El Ten Eleven as much as it is with Lotus. – Nick Warren

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