Kens Calls out Cara, Moses Packs his Bags: Web Exclusive 'Biggest Loser' Recap

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 at 9:02 PM
Kens Calls out Cara, Moses Packs his Bags: Web Exclusive 'Biggest Loser' Recap by Kristen Rajczak

I’ve been saying it for two weeks now: Cara just isn’t as good a trainer as Jillian or Bob. Last night, Ken finally got in her face about it. His assessment of her having the heart but not the expertise was spot on. So the question stood in my mind from the beginning of the episode on—did the producers make a mistake choosing Cara and Brett to take Jillian’s place?

It’s only fair to point out what Cara did when Ken called her out. Many of the players that started with her as a trainer are still in the game, including Ken. But from day one, her workouts have been so much more about how she likes boxing than how much weight she can make someone lose. Seeing her get all upset about Ken’s wish to switch trainers if she didn’t shape up (pun intended) was pretty gratifying.

But seeing her go all Jillian on him was better, especially when she made him do an extra workout when the others finished up a yoga class with Bob.

This week, the remaining nine contestants went to New Zealand. It was a mildly interesting destination and though they really played up Moses’ connection to the place—his father had been educated there—I didn’t find that as compelling as Ken’s storylines this week. One, he made Cara cry, and he and Bob overcame their fear of heights when the contestants we challenged to jump off the tallest building in Auckland, New Zealand, the Sky Tower. Bob was squirming like a little girl and I thought Ken was going to throw up when he walked to the edge of the jumping platform. But he didn’t. And at the weigh in, Ken lost 7 pounds. Finally, we the viewers are getting to see that there’s more to him than, well, I didn’t think there was anything to him previously. Go Ken!

And fine, go Cara. (There was a 5K somewhere before this but since the outcome didn’t matter the competition, it seems superfluous to say anything more about. Sort of like most “Biggest Loser” challenges!)

The weigh in brought a few surprises, though not to avid “Biggest Loser” fans. Traveling on the show usually results in weight gain for at least a few players. Moses lost no weight, Jay gained two pounds, and Kaylee gained four pounds. Due to Moses staying the same, the blue team was up on the chopping block—the players had to vote for Moses or Olivia.

For it being such a Moses-centric episode, I was surprised when he was voted out after the weigh in. However, as the contestants this season really seem to be favoring younger people, his elimination wasn’t too unexpected. I’m sure Olivia’s tears at the thought of leaving moved some votes from her to Moses, too. It just seemed to me that he still had a long way to go, and she was already nearing her goal weight.

My favorite part of this week’s episode was the teaser for next week! Finally, the contestants will play as singles in next week’s final eight. And as I said last week, Brett did not get eliminated or lose his job. He’s back next week.

I guess I still have to cross my fingers about Austin getting a haircut.

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