Ottawa // Random Lights

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Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 at 4:15 AM
Ottawa // Random Lights by Alex Bieler


Random Lights


Despite the band’s name, you don’t have to travel north of the border to find Ottawa’s stomping grounds. The garage-pop quintet hails just a couple of hours west in Cleveland, where the members spent time in bands like The Royaltons and Tracy Morgan Freeman before forming Ottawa. Now the Northeast Ohio crew is looking to expand their reach with the release of their debut EP Random Lights, an eight-track dose of fun. Ottawa showcases an ability to crank out bouncy pop-rock tunes with the infectious title track as well as “Tempo,” displaying shades of Portugal. The Man in their sound. It’s not all sonic sweetness, however, as the quintet display some grit on “The Good Kind,” a track that shows off nifty guitar work. Ottawa certainly shows that it can create catchy tunes, and it all makes for a pretty solid debut on Random Lights


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