Ron Yarosz and the Vehicle Bring the Blues to Scotty’s

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Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 at 7:15 AM
Ron Yarosz and the Vehicle Bring the Blues to Scotty’s by Alex Bieler
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Abbott and Costello, peas and carrots, martinis and blues. Some pairings just work out beautifully. If that third duo seems a bit odd, head down to Scotty’s Martini Lounge Saturday, Dec. 20 to see just how well the two go together.

It’s a simple mix really, as one part great music and one part tasty beverages is a recipe that’s hard to top, especially when you have choice ingredients. Ron Yarosz and the Vehicle have been a go-to band for hearty blues-rock tunes since 2002, with Yarosz and his Hammond B3 organ and harmonica leading the way on hearty songs like “Organ Donor” and “$200 Car.” Then you have some of the delicious adult concoctions at Scotty’s that you can enjoy along with some soulful rock ‘n’ roll.

Sure, martinis and blues may not be the most well-known duo, but after Dec. 20, it may be a favorite among locals. To get a taste of that potent twosome, make your way to Scotty’s for stellar combination. 

9 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 20 // 301 German St. // 459.3800

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