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Monday, August 8th, 2011 at 11:27 AM
Street Fashionista by Leslie McAllister
Leslie McAllister/ Erie Reader

Part 2 of 2 on Color

Creamsicle, coral, atomic tangerine, carrot cake, jack-o-lantern, fiery sunset, these are just a few fun ways to name orange. A color so vibrant, juicy, and flamboyant; a color that makes us giggle inside; a color that illuminates us. Orange is the best way to bring out that unbelievable glow, simply by warming up our complexions, so wear orange, be orange (well, don't really be orange...). In Part 2 of the color series, sunsets are part of Erie's beauty, and we are known for them. So when fashion imitates nature wear that marmalade shantung shift and dazzle us all. Do yourself a favor, saying "auf wiedersehen" to summer and "aloha" to fall, set your closet on fire, and add a little clementine to your wardrobe's color scheme.

Who? Pauline Stevens

Where? Fairview, Diva Party, overlooking Lake Erie

Why Pauline? It's very clear: by wearing this gorgeous, iridescent, tangerello shift, Pauline complements her already glowing complexion and vibrant auburn hair; she actually radiates energy. By wearing orange, Pauline is the perfect hostess, not just because she knows how to throw an unforgettable party, but because the message she sends by wearing orange is fun and flirty; she encourages her guests to have a ball! We already know that Pauline is a fashion plate, but don't we love it when she reminds us just how fabulous she really is both on the inside and out?!

Style Icon? Any fearless and fabulous diva actively working in the community to bring about positive change.

Style Motto? Pauline attributes confidence to a good sense of style, “I wear my clothes, they don’t wear me!” Pauline has a “too-die-for” closet, from which she pulls inspiration. She says, “I wear and dare to be seen in timeless garments I have had for years. It’s fun to add more trendy pieces to the basics.” A simple tip from Pauline: Cut magazine pictures out to put in your closet to remind you what new trends you love. It makes it fun to create that look with what you already have.

Who are the Divas? It all started with five girls having the ultimate girl’s night. Word spread about how much fun we were having and others wanted to be a part of it too. So the next year I hosted a party around the holidays. As a gift, each lady came supporting a local charity. It is remembered that what a diva truly should be is a woman who is accepting of others, a woman who has a realization of gratitude of blessings given and has a desire to live with a giving spirit. The divas support the following local charities: Neighborhood Art House, Great Lakes Hospice, A.N.N.A. Shelter, The Erie Philharmonic and the local chapter of the American Cancer Society.

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