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Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 at 1:00 PM
Street Fashionista: Catherine Fox by Leslie McAllister

In the words of Vince Guaraldi “Christmas time is here...” And it’s frightening how it comes around again so quickly. So this holiday season, why not try a new spin on gifting?

In the last five years or so, there has been a huge trend in home shopping: Silpada, Lia Sophia, Worth, Thirty-One, Gigi Hill, and many others. We all get the invites asking us to come sip wine, eat cheese, and shop. Some just like to sip the wine and eat the cheese and some prefer this method of spending. Either way it provides a great platform to launch a line, bring a group of girls together, and stir up that holiday cheer. The sisterhood of shopping a la home, if you will.

What can be fun – or dangerous – is when the wine soaks in a bit. It’s the difference between a zero balance or a smoking Visa card. Here’s the thing:  this kind of shopping isn’t going away and it makes you wonder if the days of the brick and mortar shops are numbered.

These parties are the best of both worlds; imagine the Internet and the mall having a baby. Like when going to the store, you can touch merchandise, try items on, or see the colors and fabrics. And like the Internet, you place your order and patiently await its arrival. I often wonder if that’s why we all love to order things – the arrival of a package (ah, the childlike wonder of mail).

So when you get your next invite via Facebook, text, or email and you’re hemming and hawing about going – go! No one is going to push you into buying something. It’s the camaraderie that shopping brings. ‘Tis the season of bold patterned weekenders, chunky silver jewelry, and funky, fun totes! So shop one, shop all.

Who: Catherine Fox

Where: Gigi Hill Launch, Fairview

Why Catherine? She is the god-mama of house parties. Starting with Thirty-One bags, Catherine loves getting the girls together to shop and chat and ogle at pretty patterns. This month she featured her new love: Gigi Hill, a new line consisting of totes, makeup bags, train cases, weekender and overnight bags. Each one has really bold and fun prints and fabrics – also, very affordable and very functional.

Describe your style: Hard to say! I like going into H&M and looking at the mannequin and saying, "I’ll take that!" But I do like the classic stuff and I try to look like an adult while still being cool. Let’s just say I prefer jeans that cover my tush when I bend over – I am sure this is a very bad answer for a fashion column.

Who is your style mentor - whose style is most inspiring to you? Again, because of my lack of fashion, I don’t know if I have one! I think people that do their own thing are cool, and I think that if they can do their own thing and look classy, they get bonus points.

Favorite items in your closet? I have this great black dress that is Aerie (I love that it has “erie” in it). It has a tailored Safari silhouette and I love it! I have it in khaki as well, because I am boring like that.

Being Canadian and moving to Erie years ago, what would you say to your fellow Canadians to persuade them to visit Erie – what do you love about Erie? I think the best thing about Erie is its proximity to the beach. You can be at the beach in 10 minutes no matter where you are! I go all the time, even in the winter to sit in the car and read a book or something!

Name your favorite family tradition at the holidays. Back in the day, we used to get all of our family and friends together and go over to someone’s house. In the basement would be tables set up with peanut butter, crackers, pinecones, and birdseed. We would make food ornaments for the animals and then go hiking to hang them in the woods so the animals would have something for Christmas too. I always loved it, and it is something I want to continue with my kids.

Tell us about the Gigi Hill bags you sell. I am in love with them! By far one of the best bags I have ever used. I like them for three reasons: Functionality – you can wipe it with a wet, soapy cloth when needed, there is a water bottle holder on the inside, and it’s cool enough that it doesn’t look like your purse is doubling as a gym bag. Prints – I think the prints on these bags are amazing! They are made of laminated cloth and have both bold and neutral patterns. They add a little pop to your wardrobe. I wear so much black and grey that I love having my purse make the statement for me. Uniqueness – beyond the prints being great, the design of the bags is thoughtful. I like when pretty and functional come together – it makes a bag priceless. Overall, the sheer quality of the bags is top notch!

How can readers get in contact with you? or 450.6593

PS: Catherine told me a cool rumor that we might be getting a Forever 21 at the mall…I love shopping tidbits like that! Let’s cross our fingers and hope it’s true.

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Use this calendar to your “Advent”-age

A merry little inspiration for your local shopping needs

I loved nearly every scene of Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird.

Get out the door to see and hear what’s really happening at Scotty’s Lounge.

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