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Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 at 8:27 AM
Street Fashionista: Emily Fetcko by Lili Morton

Street Fashionista

As the new Street Fashionista, I feel it’s my duty to introduce you to members of the community who are smart, creative, and of course oh-so-stylish. Emily Fetcko is one of those people and is the owner and creative director of Moxie Media. Moxie, which Emily brought to Erie from her hometown of Oil City this past September, is a marketing firm that provides print and online marketing, graphic design, strategy, cost analysis, event planning, and fundraising services for businesses and nonprofits.

I had the pleasure of meeting Emily at an early morning Business Networking International (BNI) meeting where we instantly bonded over stories about our experiences working in the fashion industry in New York City. I was instantly drawn to her classic, yet trendy styling habits. When interviewing her, I learned tips for shopping one of her favorite brands, how she punches up her work look, and the one accessory she can’t live without.

Lili Morton: You spent some time in New York City. Tell us about that experience – who you worked for, what you did, etc.?

Emily Fetcko: It was ages ago! I have always loved fashion, and the details that go into creating pieces, presenting them, and marketing them. I was intent on working in public relations for fashion magazines. After college graduation, I spent just a few weeks in NYC talking with fashion editors and publishers as well as cutting fabric swatches and attending design meetings. The problem for me was it was right after Sept. 11, and while my brief time there was very meaningful, there was a different feeling in the air, and I realized that the experience I was hoping to have wasn't going to happen in that NYC at that time.

LM: They say history repeats itself. What is one piece of clothing you're holding onto, knowing it may come back in style?

EF: I have recently done a major closet purge, but there is this vintage, crocheted cream sweater that I unearthed from my grandmother's closet. It just spoke to me, and I do wear it from time to time – mostly in the fall with boots and jeans. I probably should let it go, but I just can't!

LM: Favorite fashion magazine?

EF: If you would've visited me before I got married last September, my coffee table was packed with fashion and design magazines. But the one I really enjoy that's fairly accessible is Harper's Bazaar.

Each season I like to sneak off to Barnes & Noble and look at the British and French editions of Harper's too. I love seeing what they're up to across the pond!

LM: Name your top three brands.

EF: I started buying J.Crew during college with the money I saved. I still have two amazing pairs of boots that are 15 plus years old that look new because of their quality. The key to shopping brands like J.Crew, which recently exploded in price point, is to shop their seasonal sales. I also really like Sonja Rykiel and Proenza Schouler for fun and sophisticated pieces.

LM: What advice can you share with business women who are tired of wearing the same old "business casual" look to the office? How do you punch up your work week attire?

EF: Rule No. 1. – Your clothes can't look sad. They should fit perfectly, and be tailored to give you a flawless look. Fuzzies and worn areas? Get rid of it. They are not doing you any favors.

Rule No. 2. – I am a huge fan of mixing color – although I do love my neutrals. My favorite combos are mossy greens with deep turquoise, and orchid purple with coral orange. Try wearing a cream or navy pant with a punchy top and colorful cardigan.

Rule No. 3. – I can't say enough about belts and long chunky necklaces. These two accessories can be found on the cheap and can totally change your outfit. And they allow your shape to show through without covering you up too much.

LM: Favorite dress you've ever worn and why? What was the color, cut, material? How did it make you feel?

EF: My wedding dress! It was a vintage "trumpet" cut and design with a sheer overlay of angled, pleated organza, in the loveliest soft white.

It had a beautiful sheer ballerina neckline with a one-shoulder beaded drop sleeve. It was the perfect blend of modern meets vintage. I didn't want to look like every other bride and do the strapless, bright white repeat.

I wanted it to really reflect my personality and the feel of our wedding. It just worked, and everyone has told me they've never seen a dress like that. At my core, I'm an old soul and a romantic.

LM: Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn?

EF: Audrey Hepburn hands down. She gave off a very girlish and gentle vibe that seemed to come easy for her. But she was a real force when it came to her work with children and poverty around the world. Being kind and giving is the most beautiful feature anyone can have.

LM: You score a ticket to the Forbe's Women Summit in NYC. Tory Burch, Bobbi Brown, Moira Forbes, and Diane von Furstenberg – to name a few – will all be in attendance. What do you wear?

EF: Well, I'd probably have to go tried-and-true. A J.Crew pencil skirt and matching suit jacket from their Super 120s line in cream or light beige. I'd pop a colorful and fun printed button-down underneath it with some matching colorful heels and offset it with a belt or chunky necklace that stands out against the rest. There can be so much gray and black at business events and luncheons. It's nice to stand out –in a good way – and still look polished and professional.

LM: What is one accessory you can't live without? Why?

EF: That would be my wedding rings! They are very unusual with a mixed vintage look, and were the most special gift I ever received. Even when I have rough days, I always look down and remember that someone loves me. And love looks good on everyone!

You can stay in touch with Moxie Media at or email Emily at

Lili Morton can be contacted at, and you can follow her on Twitter @SatinAndScotch. 

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