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Wednesday, March 21st, 2012 at 3:45 PM
Street Fashionista: Evan Williams by Leslie McAllister
Leslie McAllister/ Erie Reader

So what is “Casual Friday,” and does it even exist anymore?  I always liked the idea of easing into the weekend sort of dressed down, you know, crisp white button down, a pair of wide-legged camel trousers, a heather grey cashmere scarf and some pair of insane stiletto boots…what? what? I’m awake! I love nodding off on a good dream.  

So, yes, dressing down.  The key for the ladies and the gents is to combine classic elements and neutrals with random and funky pops of color, using some garments but mainly accessories. Example:  Above mentioned outfit switching up the grey scarf for a bright Kelly green one.  Or change it all together—take a cobalt blue shift and pair it with a black belted cardigan.  Guys do it best pairing their suit with a brightly colored button down sans tie (do not button to the top, repeat) and a great pair of suede wing tips.  The key is, say it with me: B-A-L-A-N-C-E.  This is what makes it believable and what makes casual classy.

Another fun way to dress down outside of the office is to wear two opposing items—one relaxed, one formal.  The best way to achieve this look is taking a pair of well tailored jeans and pairing them with a flowy sequin top and sparkling accessories.  The jeans take the weight off the dressy and make you look effortless—oozing with personal style.  Guys can do this with jeans and a sport coat—always the sexiest look in my opinion.  There you have is dressing down for dummies—but you’re not a dummy, you’re exquisite!

Who?  Evan Williams

Where? Starbucks, Millcreek Mall

Why Evan?  Evan encompasses the best combination of dress casual.  I love the bold and bright turquoise button down with the red tie, and the gold chain is so fun and unexpected—he really gets noticed!  Evan must have read some of my earlier columns.  Here he is pairing the electric color with a black and white cardigan this makes his outfit work by adding a neutral element.  The black dress slacks and hip dress shoes translate to the fashion world that he knows what he is doing.  Well played, Evan!

Describe your personal style.  “I base it off of my personality.  I am a vibrant individual who likes to be set apart from the rest.”  This was quite evident over coffee!  Evan and I had lots to chat about, both of us very enthusiastic about fashion and personal style!  He shared: “My style is spontaneous, but I still like to keep it simple with clothes from TJ’s or Macy’s.  Then I jazz it up with accessories—scarves, ties, dress shoes!”

Style Inspiration: “My MOM!!” I hear ya—mine too!  “She is so fashionable, and I would have to say I am the male style counterpart to her!  She loves to jazz it up with accessories too.”  I saw a pic of his mom, and she is one lovely and lucky woman.  Evan says, “We style clash sometimes though because she thinks my looks are ‘too much’ but people in-the-know see my style as fabulous!”  And I’m sure your mama does too!!

Name your top three fashion tips. Evan lists his  tops, “1. Go with your heart and do not let social norms get the best of you. 2. Have confidence within yourself to pull off anything that you want. 3. Fashion is all about how you see it in your head and how you can pull it together with clothes.  Key to everything is to be yourself!”

Your “must have” St. Patty’s Day accessory.  This was an easy one for him, “Just like everything else: my dress shoes!”

Originally from Beaver Falls, PA, Evan is a very busy graduate student attending Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.  He is also a gospel signer, master Tweeter (he has over 10,00 Tweets), style guru, and wonderful son.  After graduating he hopes to move down south, maybe Atlanta, to work at a college for counseling in student affairs.

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