Street Fashionista: Joe & Sophie Jurewicz

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Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 at 12:06 PM
Street Fashionista: Joe & Sophie Jurewicz by Leslie McAllister

I think hanging with your pa is one of the coolest, most stylish, and funky things a girl can do. It’s right up there with your smile being your best accessory. I have always had a very solid relationship with my dad; we share many interests – the macabre, the smell of sandalwood, fuzzy kitty cats, oh, and snacks – we both just love snacks. There is no better bond than the trust, loyalty, and love that grows from this connection. A father shapes his daughter’s idea of what a man should be like and how she should be treated; a father creates safety and comfort surpassed by none; a father can even help to shape our self-image – both internally and externally.

I first learned of Gucci through my dad, who spoke so highly of the fashion house. He always said, “I bought these shoes back in the ‘80s, and they are still in great condition,” speaking of his brown leather loafers. That stuck with me – the concept of buying quality over quantity.

The style swap comes with tom boy dressing. I like dressing in a no frills, no-nonsense way. I’ve said this many times before: I’ve never been a girly dresser, and I think my father has a hand in that – a cool cap, some great boots, a cozy jacket, your favorite sweater, a bitchin’ T-shirt, and the perfect pair of jeans.

But what tops it all off is the unconditional love of your most favorite guy, your forever friend. There’s nothing like hanging with the boys!

Who: Joe & Sophie Jurewicz

Why Joe & Sophie? They are two peas in a pod. They are a mirror image of each other, they are one of my favorite father/daughter duos, they are silly, and they kind of dress alike.

Where: Pufferbelly Restaurant Erie

Describe your style. Joe: Old man, utilitarian. I like stain-resistant, coffee-colored pants. Look at the picture - I already have greasy pizza stains on them. I dress like my father and my grandfather. Sophie: Well, I’m 11, so I don’t really know. I wear what my parents buy me. I guess my daily style consists of jeans, a T-shirt, a sweater, and some shoes.

Favorite color: Joe: Blue – no, coffee-stain. Sophie: Blue.

Favorite item of clothing in your closet: Joe: Pants – I wear them until they fall off. Sophie: My floral print Doc Martens.

Favorite thing to do together: Joe: We like to make up TV shows. Sophie writes the script, and I edit it; I also poke fun at it. Currently we are working on a show called Jungleman. It’s based on a G.I. Joe guy Sophie found in my toy box. He only wears a black leather jacket and ripped up camo pants. He lives on an island with his sidekick ‘the duck,’ which is actually a duck, not just some other guys name, and he’s Jungleman’s assistant.

Joe, what do you do for work? I draw stuff for Superjail! on Adult Swim, and in-between seasons, I do freelance illustration.

Sophie, what’s your favorite school subject? English, and I like to dance.

Joe, what do you miss about Erie now that you live in Brooklyn? My parents, my friends, and large, cheap space to rent.

Sophie, what do you like about visiting Erie? Staying with my grandparents and cousins and going to Waldameer in the summer time (Dad interjects: Waldameer is American for ‘FUN.’ Thanks, Joe).

Last question, does Erie smell better than NYC in the summer? Sophie: Yes.

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