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Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 at 6:06 AM
Street Fashionista: Lili Morton by Leslie McAllister

We all need a little help sometimes. Maybe our closets are jammed with outdated and unworn clothing – maybe the tags are even still attached. We have all experienced trying to find the right dress and those dream jeans with a perfect fit. It can be a nightmare. Entrée la styliste – a professional with knowledge and a keen eye for what works. One who is ahead of the trends.

Meet Lili Morton: blogger, resident fashionista, and stylist for Keaton Row, an online site dedicated to personal shopping and styling.

Describe your style. I would describe my style as classic with a trendy edge. I'll build a look around basics, but always find a way to add an exciting twist – whether it’s a cool jacket or tons of jewelry. My go-to look tends to be all black or one with leather accents. I guess that is the New York influence in me.

If you had minutes to pack for Paris what are the top-five items you would choose? LBD (little black dress), Chanel Espadrilles, big floppy hat, over-sized diamond studs, and classic black pumps.

Best silhouette for all body shapes? Wrap dress or Fit-n-Flare. Both pieces accentuate a woman's curves. If you don't have curves, you'll have them wearing either of these two styles. The majority of women I work with want to hide their hips and rear – these are the silhouettes I always recommend to achieve that.

Name the top-three trends happening for spring. No. 1: Matching sets. Torn by Ronny Kobo and Tibi have some fabulous options. The great thing about matching sets is you're getting three looks in one. Wear as a set, wear the top with jeans, or the skirt with a blouse – three looks, one price!

No. 2: Anything Midi. Midi skirts – hit between your knee and ankle – or rings – which are worn between the tip of your finger and first knuckle. They were around last year, but will have a stronger presence this year.

A popular way to style a midi skirt is with my No. 3 trend, a crop top. The key to pulling off the crop-top look without looking like a floozy is by keeping the rest of your look understated. Stay away from low-rise bottoms. You want to look trendy, not desperate.

No. 4. – Sorry! I couldn’t just pick three! Fringe. Is. Everywhere. Bags, dresses, skirts, tops, etc.

Always remember, when choosing to wear a trend, keep your body in mind. You need to dress for your figure, otherwise it won't work. For example, my legs are short and muscular, so you will not see me rocking cut-offs this summer. They don't work for me.

If you could be an accessory, which would you choose? It would have to be sunglasses, so I can see all of the fabulous fashion trends happening. Or, a delicate Jennifer Zeuner necklace, because her pieces go with everything.

Hats are such a big thing – I mean, when are they not – but what is the newest emerging must-have accessory? I've been seeing ear cuffs everywhere! I've had my eye on a few of Ryan Storer's designs. They are gorgeous. Asos, Toshop, and Baublebar have more affordable and equally stylish pieces. Oh and mules. Everyone should own a great pair to slip on this summer.

In your A to Z list, what do G and Z stand for? G = Geo. A top and skirt of matching set with geometrical print. A printed piece is a great way to punch up any look. I've been using a Rachel Roy pencil skirt in many of my lookbooks this season. I've paired it with a billowy blouse for a romantic look, a tailored blazer for structure at the office, or a graphic tee, leather jacket, and booties for an edgy weekend look.

Z = Zoe. Because let's face it, when it comes to fashion and trends, Rachel Zoe knows all. To go from a celebrity stylist to building her own collection – which Women’s Wear Daily raved about in its first season – is a huge accomplishment and shows how influential she is.

What is the first thing you would do to style an outdated soccer mom? I'm going to put that mama in some new blue jeans! While "mom jeans" have become a recent trend, they don't always work for moms. Ironic, huh? Aside from finding well-tailored, stylish denim, I'd focus on comfort, functionality, and simplicity. A slouchy tee, cute flats, and a scarf or ball cap creates an easy, stylish and comfortable look for any busy woman.

What should we be purging from our closets? I should really take my own advice here. Anything you haven't worn for one to two years is probably a safe item to purge. When it comes to clothes, I'll admit I'm a hoarder. I'm always thinking, "Maybe I'll want to wear that again," or "Maybe that will come back in style." Ahem, the ‘90s!.

Tell us about what you do in the community and your role at Keaton Row. Where can people find you? I work in Sales & Marketing for McCormick Coffee, am a member of the Board of Directors at the Erie Playhouse, and volunteer with Make-A-Wish. I'm always looking for other opportunities when it comes to fashion and style as well. I'm available for consultations or closet clean-outs, but my recent focus has been on my Keaton Row business, which is done virtually. I've had the opportunity to work with more than 200 women across the country.

At KR, I pull pieces from our catalog to create fully styled looks for my clients. I typically create five to seven looks that are incorporated into a lookbook. The lookbook is then emailed to my client, who is able to view and shop my suggestions. I also make myself available to correspond via email, phone, or Google Hangouts to talk about the pieces I chose and different ways to style each piece.

Keaton Row partners with popular retailers such as Nordstrom, Asos, Shopbop, and Les Nouevelles. I'm also an active member of their stylist community and mentor about 50 stylists. If anyone has a love for fashion and is interested in learning more, I'm always excited to talk about the opportunities.

You can find more Lili Morton at and You can follow her on Instagram @morton_street and on Pinterest @mortonstreet.

Find me out on the town and challenge yourself to get noticed by the Erie Reader! Leslie McAllister can be contacted at, and you can follow her on Twitter @ShopJuJu. 

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