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Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 at 7:30 AM
Street Fashionista: Stacey Skala Orr by Leslie McAllister
Leslie McAllister

When I lived in San Francisco, I was infatuated with doing Bikram Yoga. I was always amazed to see how much sweat I could wring out of my tank top (in my mind it was a gauge for a great workout). I had amazing instructors and was motivated constantly by my yoga community in class that overflowed with support. When I moved back to Erie to major in Fashion Merchandising, I was saddened to see no Bikram yoga—oh, there was yoga, but no hot-in-your-face power yoga. And you could only sign up to do yoga once a week...what?!?!?! I was used to doing yoga a few times a week at best.

So the belly bulge began… until one day.

You could say a ray of sunshine illuminated upon a certain fantastic local studio, and you could say I got very excited. So I fell right back into the warm, comfy embrace and challenge of hot vinyasa flow at Yoga Erie.

But enough, enough. What to wear when you decided to sweat out of your ear drums? I must say I do keep my drishti focus, but it does float around the room to see what everyone is wearing. As they say: you can take the girl out of fashion but never the fashion out of the girl.

For me, I go “Rainbow Bright” every time; I have some bright turquoise capri stretchies that I wear with a neon green tank top—I prefer a longer tank because I hate when the shorties ride up on me—and then a bright orange sports bra. I end the rainbow with some fabulously colored nail polish. I’d like to think the bright polish helps me to keep that balance when I need somewhere to focus my gaze in Warrior 3...or does it distract me?

Either way, it isn’t about the fashion. It is about being comfortable so you can flow through each movement with ease. But it does add to the fun to have a little pop of color in your workout uniform. Yoga is about light, laughter, and loving yourself through each pose. Oh and breathing. Just breathe.
Who? Stacey Skala Orr, Yoga Instructor for Yoga Erie

Where? Yoga Erie, Colony Plaza

Why Stacey? She’s awesome—that’s why! Being an Erie transplant (she hails from Los Angeles but has traveled all over) Stacey calls Erie “a gem. My husband grew up in North East and several factors brought us back to do mostly what we love, yoga and music.” She says she has met some incredible people since moving to Erie, and her yoga journey continues to transform her everyday. “I have brought strength, flexibility, and self-awareness to my body along with mentally slowing down to focus and breathe,” she tells me. She attributes her teaching gifts to her master yogi teachers from Boston, Portland, and California. Her students give her the most inspiration, “Seeing them each day and witnessing their own transformation physically and beyond also aids me in my own growth.” When asked her yoga gear preference she said, “I’m trying to brighten it up and wear less black. I like to find ways to integrate my own style.” She adds that you never want your clothes to interfere with your practice. A couple great brands: “Lululemon, Lucy, and Prana are popular. Jade mats are incredible and if you plan to do yoga in a 95-degree room, a Yogitoes mat towel will become your best friend.”

A couple questions for Stacey:

1. Three sought-after Erie spots to sneak your favorite yoga pose? “Anywhere near the water, the vineyards in North East where I used to live, and the occasional handstand in downtown Erie.”

2. Your music choices have become very popular! What may students expect to hear in your class? “For an energetic flow my ‘go-to’ classics are ‘Can I Kick It?’ by A Tribe Called Quest and ‘Entroducing’ by DJ Shadow. I play a lot of The XX, Ratatat, Bonobo, and original music from my side project OmSync. You may also hear Neil Young, Wilco, Sigur Ros, Sparklehorse, Radiohead, and of course some rad-sounding crystal or Tibetan singing bowls to close it out.”

3. Off the mat, what is your style aesthetic? “I am a HUGE fan of Betsey Johnson, and I wish to own several pairs of John Fluevog shoes. Now that I am barefoot a lot and no longer wear heels every day, I am a big fan of Keen sandals. I kind of go with a clever mix of yoga clothes, accessories, thrift store/discount finds, and glitter eye shadow or nails for some sparkle!”

Check out Stacey’s classes at Yoga Erie 2403 W. Eighth St. in the Colony Plaza – call 520.6998 or go online to find when Stacey teaches at

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Use this calendar to your “Advent”-age

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I loved nearly every scene of Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird.

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