Street Fashionista: Sue Martin

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Thursday, January 12th, 2012 at 9:00 AM
Street Fashionista: Sue Martin by Leslie McAllister
Leslie McAllister / Erie Reader

The Scholarly Belle

I wore a uniform throughout elementary school and most of high school.  I loved to see the way my classmates would add their own style to the same outfit everyday. 

Some of us would haunt the Salvation Army and surprisingly find a vintage Villa Maria cardigan (score!), most of us wore boxers under our skirts, and few of us actually did our makeup every day.  But one thing was certain: in a typhoon of girls all wearing the same thing, it was refreshing to find one girl who made it her own; the knee high cable knit socks, the oiled leather of her Doc Marten’s, the crisp white shirt, and the sparkling nose ring…yep, that one element made her that much cooler. 

That’s the key with Preppy Chic, take the basic and make it edgy and unforgettable with one unexpected accessory. By incorporating the basics, scoop-neck tee, crisp-shrunken-button down, brightly colored polo, A-line skirt, thigh highs, opaque tights, Mary Jane’s, or riding boots, you become the archetypical Pollyanna.  The goal is to take these elements and make them uber-tailored, girly, smart, yet sexy and edgy. 


Sue Martin, songbird (The Killerina’s) and shop girl at Glass Grower’s Gallery


Glass Growers Gallery – Ladies Night, Erie

Why Sue?  

She embodies the ultimate in schoolgirl chic—or as Sue puts it: “art school girl chic.”  Sue keeps her attire scholarly and classic with clean silhouettes and basic details.  Her color blocking is a great concept to preppy girl dressing; mustard, periwinkle, and hunter green make her ensemble a color wheel’s dream.  What makes Sue so put together—and the perfect scholarly belle—are the surprising elements, like her knee-high riding boots and fantastical fascinator perched so unassumingly in her hair.  It brings whimsical charm to Sue’s personal style and makes her stand out.

Style Icon?

Sue confides that her fashion icons are ever changing. “I’ve always admired cute girl-band fashions and then I mix those inspirations with art.  Also I secretly love the way Carrie in “Sex and the City” dresses.   I think it’s because I love to put clothes together like that too!” 

Style Motto?

“I like to dress fun!”  Sue likes to look for colorful and patterned tights, barrettes and hair ornaments, funky shoes and boots, skirts and dresses, gorgeous textures, tones, and colors.  Sue embodies the funky schoolgirl.  “I love to paint, and I love mixing paint colors, and I guess dressing for me is like that!”  She continues, “A friend recently told me that I dress to a certain color palette – these colors make me happy…” 

Look for Sue in 2012 when she unveils her newest project, Planet Claire playing at Erie’s best venues for local music!

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