Street Fashionista: Year in Review

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Friday, December 28th, 2012 at 12:47 PM
Street Fashionista: Year in Review by Leslie McAllister

A momentary glimpse at what we have learned this year and then onward and upward, with a few goodies in between, to beckon a sweet “hello” to 2013.

Starting off with my ladies, for tiny tots, it was all about not matching; bright colors, mixed textures and leggings with everything – enter stage right, our fearless muse Punky Brewster. If you looked like her, you got the memo.

Next we talked about bold patterns and how to pair them with everyday looks – a bold and beautiful blouse in a funky pattern with a pencil skirt, or go all out with a wrap dress in a graphic and vibrant motif. If you are a mobile girl, say photographing weddings and such, we learned that professional casual was the ticket here. Tailored and tasteful with an edge. Short-shorts with a secretary blouse and sweet ballet flats allow any flying maven to get the job done and look poised doing it.

We learned about the ubiquitous style of the Parisian woman. Black trousers, a crisp white shirt, and a bold accessory, but not too overdone – understated and simple with a certain je ne sais quoi is what our Frenchie orders here. Transition then to dancing the night away. Here we ask for the shimmer and shine that only the most flattering metallic cocktail dress can bring. Top it off with metallic accessories and very little jewelry because a girl can only shine so much. Glimmering fabrics are a girl’s best friend.

To end a long stressful day we were taught to unwind, tediously balancing in yoga’s challenging “eagle pose.” Here we are wearing loose and comfy layers illuminating all chakras in bright colored leggings and flowing tank tops.

Our gents had lots to offer this year as well. There was most definitely a theme – boyish dressing. Putting the little tyke back in the man.  From newsboy caps to Fisherman’s hats, a man can mature his look by wearing sneakers with jeans and a blazer and adding a knit cap for sweetness and allure.  We also learned that dressed-up casual works as well by taking a professional look and pairing it down with a scarf or a hoodie to get a cool look – and it’s always fun to add in the element of punk. Studs, combat boots, and leather jackets…let’s face it, you had me at studs.

Lastly, we were enlightened on where to shop in Erie, from secondhand at Retrospect to industrial chic at Romantique Boutique. Or maybe we would rather stay in and throw a fun house party with wine, shopping, and giggles. Perhaps it would be best to just sit around with our favorite girls sipping tea and creating greatness and coolness with some DIY knitting and crocheting. Either way, 2012 has taught us much. But there’s just so much more out there to learn! So onward and upward…

Here’s what we will take with us from this year into 2013: Jeans will be boldly colored, wildly-printed, waxed, coated, and foiled. Leggings will be shiny, silk-screened, skewed, glittery, and maybe even latex (I’m dying for latex leggings). We will still swoon over spikes and studs, grasping our Bedazzler’s ever-so tightly to glitz up everything from our socks to our leggings. Cut outs and clean silhouettes will inspire us.  However, if we see one more girl looking lifeless and dumb in a ridiculous Porkpie hat – think Boy George any time you ever saw him – I just may cry.

Here’s what we hope to see in 2013: Latex (Have I made myself clear? No, I don’t have a fetish. They’re just so shiny and cool. Oh, let’s not argue), embellished lady-like stilettos (bye-bye platforms), futuristic silhouettes (structured and bold, like the Chrysler Building), witchy/gothic styles emerging (like Marilyn Manson and Stevie Nicks make a baby), top hats (they are not over the top – why are we arguing again?), and let’s try this one on…sporty is the new sexy.

Here are some designers to watch – J.W. Anderson, Dion Lee, Carven, and Meadham Kirchhoff.

If 2012 was that dumb, lifeless girl in the porkpie hat, then 2013 is the girl full of light, laughter, and love wearing that insane crystal medallion.

My Top Fours:

Top 4 People I’m Obsessed With: Pamela Love (jewelry designer:, Jane Aldridge (blogger:, Suzanne Ford Carafano (vintage obsessed, designer of American Gold:, and Kim Karns (artist/musician, creator of the coolest tarot ever:

Top 4 Websites I Can’t Stop Staring at: I love to stalk people’s closets and see what they have – these girls do too; meet Elisa Goodkind, and Lily Mandelbaum. Maggie Leadman has an Ebay store and blog (there are some photos of porkpie hats, ew…but this girl is great at styling) aka Vintage is the New Black. Elisa Casas is an amazing vintage shop owner in NYC and elsewhere – she teaches us why it’s good to wear vintage. Cameron Silver is my idol – his vintage designer dresses are always seen on the red carpet, he used to be a cabaret signer, and he has a killer shop in LA called, of course Decades; a big favorite of Ms. Zoe.

Top 4 Singers That Make Me Cry They Are So Good: Claire Boucher of Grimes, Anne Clark of St. Vincent, Jonsi of Sigur Ros, and Joan Wasser of Joan As Policewoman

The ONE thing I can’t get enough of: Tom Ford’s Santal Blu

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