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Wednesday, December 25th, 2013 at 10:18 PM

Madame Juju’s 2014 Style Prediction from Ascots to Zappos

Looking back, in 2013 we discussed the importance of tailoring and wearing garments that fit and flatter. We looked at the sophistication of pencil skirts, taper-legged jeans for men, and cocktail dresses for ladies. With that being said, we have learned that fashion is temperamental and fickle. It’s skinny jeans one day and wide-legged the next.

Well, that’s how I see 2014: It’s going in the opposite direction. If it was short, it’s long. If it was minimal, it’s garish. If it was innocent, it’s dangerous. It’s all about taking chances – ones that really embrace the free-ness in our spirits.

And to capture that change, let me offer up the need-to-know A to Z so that you’ll be dressed to a T.

A is for Ascot. My dad wore one once and we giggled, but I must admit he looked dapper and dignified. Swap out your boring traditional tie and adorn your neck with a silk ascot.

B is for Bell Bottoms. That swing and sway – flattering for your figure and a refreshing escape from the yoga pants and leggings we hold dear after the holidays. Pair them with a loose blouse and platform clogs, snap that selfie of your outfit and tag it #madamejuju (check out Novella Royale’s selection!).

C is for Crystal Bullet Necklaces. That dazzle and delight. There is something about the duality here. The positive life-force of the crystal and the negative darkness of the bullet casing – it’s circular.

D is for Draping. Gorgeous flowing kimonos, boho dresses, and gauzy blouses — we want to feel the wind blow through our clothes.

E for Erte A French artist of the ‘20s who used fashion as his medium and was inspired by glitz and glamour. Metallic embroidery on kimono dresses, adorned in beaded skullcaps. Women were goddesses and the clothes they wore were an extension of their personalities – the original bohemian siren.

F is for Fisherman’s Cap More specifically the Greek Fisherman’s Cap, embroidered black wool. You will look adorable; the androgynous look works for everyone. Trust me.

G is for Gypset. The sophisticated boho style that smells like Jade Jagger. It is defined as an unconventional, bohemian approach to life. Characterized by a fashionable exoticism and down-to-Earth ease. Check out the book Gypset Style.

H is for Hoffman. Mara that is, the coolest new designer on the runways. Her boldly colored caftans are enviable, her evil eye shawl brings tears to my eyes, and her swimsuits are swimming around in my dreams. Her Instagram is super cool, too (@marahoffman), which leads me to…

I is for Instagram. A great way to follow your favorite fashionistas, and the new way to meet friends, share photos, and promote yourself.

J is for Juicing. I am getting really serious about amping up the fruits and veggies. I want to feel like a super hero every morning, so hello, kale! And, I want to fit into that crocheted bikini I have hiding in my closet.

K is for Kindness, Karma, and Kaftans. Be pretty and nice and it will come back to you twice! Bright, bold, brilliant colored prints and soft fabrics that hang loosely to the ground; handkerchief hems, asymmetrical styles and deep-v necklines.

L is for Lingerie. No cotton panty boy shorts here. I am talking silk and lace cheeky peeks. Beautiful crocheted bralets and super strappy bras.

M is for Marant. Ms. Isabel Marant, a French designer, makes me swoon with the way she puts things together. Lace-up leather pants with baggy sweatshirts and sequin leggings with slouchy, fringe booties. She has it going on – big time!

N is for Nautical. I can’t get enough of stripes – navy blue and white – Turk’s head bracelets and anchors, adorable anchor necklaces, and jewelry. They are 2014’s mustache.

O is for Ornate. Think: brocade fabrics, metallic garments, sequins, baby, sequins! French Rococo gone rogue.

P is for Purple. The color of 2014. A color for one seeking spiritual fulfillment, great for meditation. It is said that those who surround themselves with the color purple have peace of mind.

Q is for Quilted leather. It’s not for me and I’ve never been a fan, but I think it is on the rise. Coco really knew what she was doing with that famed little quilted leather bag she designed. Moto jackets, boots, bags, quilted leather is everywhere.

R is for Rose. Like Weleda’s Wild Rose body wash that I slather myself in, and Nature’s Gate’s Persimmon Rose and Geranium shampoo and conditioner that makes me squeal and leaves me smelling like a rose garden blooming out of the rich mossy floor of the Red Woods. I smell like a fairy with a rose cap on swimming in sandalwood.

S is for Striesand. Barbara is the epitome of woman – long, gorgeous nails, perfect hands, flowing red caplet dresses, shimmering in sequins. Frank Sinatra once said, “Beautiful women have beautiful hands.” Go get that manicure and douse your hands in shea butter. I love Zum Body’s Sandalwood – citrus (you can buy it at the Whole Foods Co-op).

T is for Tall boots. As earlier stated, fashion is a fickle thing. We filled our carts with sweet little ankle booties in 2013. Now, it’s to the knee or beyond. Tall boots, baby. They look great with leather pants or hiding under your caftans a la Stevie Nicks.

U is for Uniform. Everyone needs one, so what is yours? Mine consists of liquid leggings, booties, a big tee, an asymmetrical wrap cardigan and crystal jewelry. Sometimes a hat – it’s like my invisibility cloak.

V is for Velvet.  Mainly, velvet boots.

W is for Witches. They are gorgeous, powerful, beautiful women who harness the energy to visualize their dreams to fruition. So sit down with your black tourmaline and imagine yourself happy, healthy, and surrounded by those you love. They wear their hair long with loose waves. Adorning each finger in a ring of interest with their wide-brimmed hat on, creating a look of intrigue.

X is for Xtra Large. T-shirts loose and billowy. I love them with leggings, bell-bottoms, or wide-legged jeans. Think of Mary Kate and Ashley; they do this look with the greatest and chicest of ease.

Y is for Y-shaped necklaces, also known as lariats. What pleases and entices me most about this look is how flattering it is for all necklines. It frames the neck and pulls the eye down to your best assets! I have been a long time promoter of this look – be it with rosaries, snake necklaces, or statement pieces; this jewelry shape wins and it makes you like more interesting because it isn’t the old standby.

Z is for Zappos. Because, after all, isn’t it forever and always all about the shoes?

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