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Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 at 7:35 AM

The Albrights

The Albrights


3.5 Stars

After releasing their debut album back in 2011, Buffalo-quartet The Albrights return with their self-titled sophomore release, and the results are as catchy as ever. Album opener “Gotta Be Your Own Friend” is an appropriate introduction to the band’s pop-rock mix, offering up a blend of harmonies, guitar riffs, and plinking piano keys to set the tone.  Single “Soundwave” draws you in through Joe Donahue’s vocal lines soaring over keys and horns before stripping everything away when Donohue sings “You say you want to be the center of attention” – a rather nice touch. Elsewhere, The Albrights provide some chill-worthy “oohs” on “Wolf Gang Blues” and a lovely string-supported harmony on Brandon Barry’s “Over and Over.” Sometimes the band adds some unnecessary extra touches that tend to distract rather than enhance, such as the karate-like “Hyah!” on “Virgin,” but The Albrights’ self-titled album makes for an enjoyable experience. –  Alex Bieler

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