United Way Commemorates Lives of Area Homeless

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Wednesday, December 17th, 2014 at 9:24 PM
United Way Commemorates Lives of Area Homeless by Mike Iverson

As if the United Way hadn’t been up to enough this holiday season with their multitude of community outreach programs and partnerships, the organization has extended their support to The Home Team of Erie County to host the upcoming Homeless Memorial Day Ceremony this Friday. This annual event is meant to bring our community together in recognition of tragedy of homelessness in our region, and to remember those homeless friends who have died in the past year. The Homeless Memorial Day Ceremony is appropriately held on or near the first day of winter (the longest night of the year) which emphasizes the immense difficulties of homeless life during these long winter months. 

Given the extensive work of the United Way of Erie County and other organizations in addressing the issue of homelessness in our region, it is only fitting that we, as a community, take a moment to remember those who passesd away despite ongoing aid initiatives. We should regard this event as an opportunity to commemorate the lives of those lost, and reaffirm that the responsibility of aiding less fortunate members of our community never truly ends.

The ceremony will take place this Friday, December 19 in the Perry Square Gazebo, and in many cases will serve as the only memorial for the many lost lives of our homeless community. Community building manager, Mike Jaruszewicz, will attend the ceremony on behalf of the United Way of Erie County and deliver a speech on the event. While the ceremony may seem inherently somber in nature, it is in fact a celebration of the lives of our fellow community members, and of the ongoing work of organizations such as the United Way, and The Home Team of Erie County. So spare a moment to acknowledge these things, and know that while winter is hard for all of us in Erie, it is immeasurably harder for our homeless friends.

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