UPMC Sunset Music Series Presents Tennessee Backporch with Tyler Smilo

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Wednesday, July 8th, 2015 at 3:45 PM

If you want to hear a certain song, there’s a fair chance that Tennessee Backporch can play it. The local variety band covers a lot of musical ground, performing everything from Motown to classical music, and even throwing out a few hit tracks from today. In a sense, the band’s members are jacks-of-all-genres, and you can see them close out the final UPMC Sunset Music Series show of 2015.

Joining Tennessee Backporch will be Tyler Smilo, a master at weaving intimate acoustic numbers that burrow right into your heart. Add in the Backporch, and you’ll be sure to enjoy a relaxing evening on Beach 1. – Alex Bieler

5:30 p.m. // Beach 1, Presque Isle // discoverpi.com

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