Web Exclusive: Biggest Loser Top 5

Thursday, May 5th, 2011 at 9:31 AM
Web Exclusive: Biggest Loser Top 5 by Kristen Rajczak

In honor of the top five contestants on “The Biggest Loser,” here is my list of the top five of moments—good and bad—from Tuesday’s episode:

1. Hannah, Irene, I’m sorry. Makeover week is usually my favorite. I love watching the contestants emerge with better hair, better clothes, and new confidence. However, both of you got shafted. I don’t know why the stylist insisted on lightening your hair, but he shouldn’t have done it. Especially you Hannah. You had such beautiful brown hair, and now it looks like a wig. Please, let it grow out for the finale. I just feel like makeover Fairy Godfather Tim Gunn secretly agreed with me.

2. Austin lost seven pounds at the weigh-in this week. I would guess that three of those were the hair he had cut off! It was a glorious moment for me when Austin stepped out in his tux and new short ‘do. I bet girls all over the country are tweeting that cutie pie already.

3. Tuesday’s challenge involved digging through 50 sandcastles shaped like cars. In each was a box with a key in it. The contestants than had to run down a pier to try and start not one, but two cars the show was giving away. When Allison called for that second Mazda 5, I was genuinely excited that the top five had a 40 percent chance of going home with a car! It was so sweet that Irene said she would give the car she won to her mom. However, seeing as Olivia won one, and she lives in New York City and probably can’t even keep it, the challenge outcome was a little disappointing.

4. Olivia promised Allison that if she lost 100 pounds, she would sing on the scale. Considering she’s an opera singer, it’s certainly a moment to which I had been looking forward. Last night, it happened! Olivia has now lost a total of 104 pounds and serenaded the group with a song sung by a character she’s always wanted to play. Earlier in the episode, she talked about how she was often overlooked for certain parts because of how she looked—and you would think opera would be one place where being a little bigger would be fine. It was lovely, both the song and the moment.

5. As the weigh-in progressed it became obvious that Jay was going to be eliminated. It came down to him versus Olivia or Hannah and, as we saw the last few weeks, they are popular with the other contestants and even controlled last week’s vote. But then, Tim Gunn returned to grant the contestants a wish—he removed the yellow line. That means, we won’t know who the Final Four is until next week. This week, it would have been Olivia, Hannah, Irene, and Austin, a group I hoped would make it this far (especially since Irene decided to grow a personality this week). After all the twists this season has brought, I should have expected it!

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