Web Exclusive: Shocking Turn on 'Biggest Loser'

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 at 9:09 PM
Web Exclusive: Shocking Turn on 'Biggest Loser' by Kristen Rajczak

With just seven contestants left, “The Biggest Loser” season 11 totally changed in last night’s episode: Rulon bowed out. He attributed his exit to “personal reasons,” but considering how close he was to his goal weight, it felt like he was just quitting. Cara said it seemed like he wanted to stop competing since he had been his whole life. Maybe. I have a hard time buying that an Olympic gold medalist would stop with the finish line in sight—but maybe that’s what got him to such a high weight before. He lets himself quit.

This totally changes the final four. As I said last week, Rulon is such a big guy with so much weight still possible to lose—though he said he was 15 pounds away from his goal. He could have won with his hands tied behind his back. Sure, Irene is the biggest loser right now, but when they go home before the finale and have to work out on their own, she’s too small already to pull off the win. Rulon could have used his supposed-champion drive to absolutely smash the competition. I think that’s the problem, though. The trainer and viewers alike always assumed he had that drive. Sometimes we even saw glimpses of it, like when Jillian had him doing that handstand.

I’m now convinced he’s just a quitter.

Whatever Rulon’s deal, he’s made the game way more interesting now. That is, if the contestants would play it. I’ve praised them in the past for keeping their eyes on the prize—losing weight and changing their lives. But with the final four in sight, I thought they would resort to some strategy. And last night, they didn’t. For Olivia and Hannah who want to be the first all-girl team to make it to the finals, and the people who cast the ill-chosen votes, it’s going to hurt them in the next few weeks for sure. Stay tuned.

Aside from Rulon leaving, there were some other surprises last night. First, Allison announced it was “favorites” week and sent the contestants to the gym. There, they found season 5 winner Ali Vincent and Sam Boyle from season 9, now a trainer on the Biggest Loser Resort. The best part of seeing these successful past contestants was their talk with the current contestants about snacking and nutrition. I feel like I learn so much from these tips and wish they would do even more on the show. Hummus instead of mayo? Yes, please!

Tara, the consistent challenge winner from season 7, also came back to repeat the car-pulling challenge she kicked butt in on her season. While it was cool to see people pull cars, it was less so because not only did the challenge go back to prizes that have nothing to do with the game—VIP treatment with a NASCAR driver, $5,000, and a Wheaties box with the winner’s face on it—Tara won. So, who cares? Luckily, it was over quickly.

At the weigh-in, Rulon announced he was leaving. Everyone was so shocked, but the girls were secretly pleased. They knew they couldn’t beat him in the end. Still, when Irene and Kaylee fell below the yellow line, Olivia and Hannah voted for Kaylee to leave because of their friendship with Irene. Really, really bad move, ladies. If they had voted for Irene, they could have gotten rid  of the biggest loser and increased their stock dramatically. They still have a bit of weight to lose and might have been able to keep Austin and Jay from winning. However, both men are still near 250 and can probably knock those 50 pounds off before the finale. It’s just so hard for female contestants to compete with that.

Austin is my pick to win, now that Rulon is done, as his arms were looking super buff. (And once again, he looked like he was going to kiss someone. This time, it was Kaylee and she was leaving. He hugged her and pressed his forehead against hers. I still predict that he will make out with someone before the season ends! Or, he’ll try at least.)

Next week, we’ll learn who made it to the final four….and whether a stylist will let Austin keep that mop top. Finally, it’s makeover week!

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