ER Sports: JRL is on a roll!

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015 at 2:45 PM
ER Sports: JRL is on a roll! by James R. LeCorchick

After making predictions for football games for over 40 years, there are numerous weekends I have blocked out of my mind. The pain of being so wrong can mess with one’s self-esteem, and that’s not good for the fragile mental state I possess. Also, people love to bring a bad weekend of selections to my attention while failing to acknowledge a successful effort when that occurs.

So with that in mind, and sounding like a braggart, I will not wait to hear from my “friends.” I will pat myself on the back for the past two weeks. Wow! This feels good already.

So let me begin with my picks from a few weeks back. The breakdown shows an incredibly strong effort that I have to admit I am extremely proud of.

Let me proceed before I hurt myself patting myself on back and am unable to continue.

WEEK 7: High Schools — 21-1, Colleges — 8-1, Pros — 2-1. This gave me a week seven card of a magnificent 31-3.

WEEK 8: High Schools — 20-2, Colleges — 10-0, Pros — 2-1. This week ended with a showing of 32-3 for a pretty incredible two-week showing of 63-6: a winning percentage of .913.


Quick Book Report

Charles N. deGravelles’ Billy Cannon: A Long, Long Run is the story of the 1959 Heisman Trophy winner from Louisiana State University. It was a terrific read for someone in my age group; but unfortunately, that group is dwindling and sometimes way too rapidly. This would’ve been a tremendous book 40 years ago, but Cannon never found an author he trusted until recently.

The book was well written and informative, but way too late and not very meaningful to most readers.

If you really want some great info on the LSU great, I suggest renting the movie Everybody’s All-American starring Dennis Quaid as Gavin Grey. It’s presented as fiction but there’s no doubt the 1988 film is about Cannon, referred to as the Grey Ghost in the film. This is an entertaining film for people of all ages.


Week 9


Meadville 49 EAST 12

Cochranton 24 EISENHOWER 20

Maplewood 34 UNION CITY 16

Youngsville 26 SAEGERTOWN 14

CORRY 21 Slippery Rock 20

GREENVILLE 28 Sharon 26

WARREN 30 Grove City 20

HICKORY 41 Titusville 20

NORTH EAST 22 Fairview 21

HARBOR CREEK 36 Girard 20


Conneaut 35 CENTRAL TECH 30

OIL CITY 26 Strong Vincent 20

McDOWELL 24 Buffalo St. Joe’s 21



3. NORTHWESTERN 20 Fort LeBoeuf 19: A good one for the fans.

2. CANISIUS 31 Cathedral Prep 21: Buffalo team is a powerhouse.

1. Cambridge Springs 28 IROQUOIS 24: Pair of well-coached, entertaining squads.



MERCYHURST 30 Seton Hill 28

GANNON 35 California 31

Slippery Rock 38 EDINBORO 21

North Carolina 27 PITT 24

PENN STATE 24 Illinois 17

GEORGIA 28 Florida 24

North Dame 27 TEMPLE 24



Cardinals 27 BROWNS 20

STEELERS 24 Bengals 21

Seahawks 21 COWBOYS 20

Packers 28 BRONCOS 24

PANTHERS 27 Colts 24


Week 10

MEADVILLE 40 Franklin 38

CONNEAUT 35 Oil City 22

General McLane 34 STRONG VINCENT 18

WEST MIDDLESEX 22 Fort LeBoeuf 20

Cambridge Springs 30 NORTHWESTERN 20

Harbor Creek 44 SAEGERTOWN 12

CORRY 38 Union City 14

SENECA 40 Youngsville 14


Iroquois 34 MERCYHURST PREP 18


3. SHARPSVILLE 28 Greenville 24: There will be some serious hitting going on here.

2. NORTH EAST 26 Reynolds 20: Could go other way.

1. McDowell 31 CENTRAL TECH 28: Good for all the fans.



CALIFORNIA (PA) 28 Mercyhurst 24

IUP 38 Gannon 35

SETON HILL 34 Edinboro 27

SMU 28 Temple 27

MEMPHIS 30 Navy 28

NEBRASKA 24 Michigan State 21

CLEMSON 24 Florida State 22

PITT 28 Notre Dame 27





BENGALS 28 Browns 21

Dolphins 27 BILLS 24

STEELERS 34 Raiders 21

Eagles 28 COWBOYS 24

Packers 27 PANTHERS 21

James R. LeCorchick can be contacted at, and you can follow him on Twitter @JRLSports.

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