Local Refugees Weigh in on the Election

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Monday, November 7th, 2016 at 10:42 AM
Local Refugees Weigh in on the Election by Maitham Basha
Photo by Maitham Basha

Name: Harbi Al-M

Country of Origin: Iraq

“One of my daughters saw Donald Trump on TV and she told me to vote for Hillary. I asked her why? She told me that Donald Trump wants to separate our family. Donald Trump would send you to Iraq and he would send mom to Syria. I was so surprised and shocked to hear that from her. She is 5 years old and she knows what kind of president Donald Trump would be.”

Name: Amela A.

Country of Origin: Bosnia 

“Obviously I love Clinton. Any Bosnian refugee would vote for her because of what her husband Bill Clinton did for the Bosnian people. He stopped the Bosnian war when he was in power and thats why his wife Hillary is going to win the Bosnian votes. Hillary also has a great experience in foreign policy which Donald Trump does not have. He is a good business man but not a political man.”  

Name: Walla A.

Country of Origin: Eritrea

“As a new American, I stand with the candidate who believes in diversity as well as the past and future of this country. I want a candidate who recognizes that most Americans have ancestors who came here to escape religious and persecution in their homeland. They all came here wanting better opportunities both in education and employment. As a refugee, I want a candidate who recognizes that this country is built on immigrants and many people who make up this great melting pot, and thats what makes America great. 

I believe the words of the constitution, “We The People” means all of us and it should never exclude certain groups based on gender, faith, sex, or disability. As a new American, moving to the United States of America was the best decision my family and I have made, it saved and changed our lives for the better as it did to million of others.”

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Photo by Maitham BashaPhoto by Maitham BashaPhoto by Maitham Basha

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