"Ride or Try" at Art After Hours

Friday, January 29th, 2016 at 4:17 PM
Ride or Try at Art After Hours by Ryan Smith

Erie's monthly Art After Hours series brings about good things: It features local artists' works, and gets folks out and about to see and talk about art (and, possibly, buy art) they may not otherwise have been aware of.

That's always really cool. But this weekend's installment at Scotty's Cigar & Martini Lounge -- a "Ride or Try"-themed children's benefit event featuring works from dozens of Erie-area artists -- is bound to be totally awesome.

Being hosted by Ink Assassins tattoo artist David Steele, all proceeds from Saturday's "Ride or Try" will benefit Shriner's Children's Hospital of Erie. And the list of local artists who donated pieces to the benefit is mighty: Eerie Eric Fargiorgio, Corey Thompson, Johnny Matters, Andrew Newton, Jake Miller, EMS, Joshua Makowski, and Andy Sonthiemer are just some of the names off the top.

Here's what Steele -- who, word is, has a soft spot for children -- had to say about the event and its theme, which had participating artists donate "two-wheel-themed" pieces:

"One of the mottos for a motorcycle biker is 'Ride or Die,' which means to try and never give up, no matter what. Kids can relate to this message too," says Steele. "I want them to know to just try things, whether they succeed or not."

For those attending, combining the benefit art show and its artists with the "Ride or Try" theme, he adds, also "opens a window into an artist's life and what it's about to get up and just try. No matter how much you may fall [as an artist], you've always got to get back on and ride."

Sounds like it's worth getting on board.

Art After Hours' "Ride or Try" rolls from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. at Scotty's, 301 German St. For more information -- and to set your eyes upon some of the art that's up for grabs -- visit Art After Hours' Facebook page here.

Ryan Smith can be reached at rsmith@eriereader.com, and you can follow him on Twitter @ryanmsmithplens.

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