Street Fashionista: Fall Fashion A to Z, Inspired by My Closet

Thursday, October 20th, 2011 at 12:00 AM
Street Fashionista: Fall Fashion A to Z, Inspired by My Closet by Leslie McAllister
Leslie McAllister

A is for Asymmetrical Sweater. I love it when the basic sweater becomes more interesting with cool lines and an unexpected silhouette

B is for Black Liquid Leggings. I wear them all year, a great alternative to leather

C is for Cowboy Boots, which make the most lady-like frock seem cool yet chic

D is for Disco Dress. Get as close to the ?70s as possible with this channel Studio 54

E is for Erte-inspired style?a ?20s and ?30s Art Deco artist and costume designer; think Marchesa Luisa Casati meets Mucha

F is for Fringe?on a purse, on your boots, or in this case, on a vest

G is for Goddess Gown?typically, flowing and featuring a one-shoulder neckline

H is for Headpiece?be it an ornate or an all-out bird on your head

I is for Ikat. Ikat is the tribal way to tie-dye a textile; it looks great on wool dresses too!

J is for a Jazzy Jacket. Sparkly, shiny or understated, it goes with everything.

K is for Kimono. No fashion followers? closet is complete without one.

L is for Leopard Print Trench. Hard to find but you?ll be over the moon if you do; check your local thrift shop.

M is for Military. An inspired jacket will do and so will a sweater with epaulets.

N is for Necklace. For a statement necklace, make it out of bounds.

O is for Opera Jacket?one that steals the show with intricate sequin work and beading.

P is for a Punked-Out Stilettos-?the more bedazzled the better.

Q is for Quartz Crystal?-around your neck, on your finger, or close to your heart.

R is for Ruana. It?s a scarf, it?s a shawl, it?s a poncho, it?s, it?s?

S is for Snakeskin. Print, Platform, or Clutch--add it to your wardrobe

T is for Turban. Try one today; very popular throughout fashion?s timeline

U is for Undergarments. This one is a fixture for all seasons; really you must wear the proper ones--makes all the difference and hides your little flaws

V is for Vintage. Everyone should have a piece in their closet; it?s a great icebreaker at a party, and you?re sure to be the only one wearing it.

W is for Wide-Brimmed Hat--forever a classy lady in a powerful accessory.

X is for ?Cris-Cross? Backline. X marks the spot and makes a grand exit on a backless cocktail dress.

Y is for Your Personal touch. You dictate your style, when in doubt add yellow to your wardrobe.

Z is for Zig-Zag. And then, of course, for Missoni--my favorite

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