Street Fashionista: Josh Solt

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013 at 7:00 AM
Street Fashionista: Josh Solt by Leslie McAllister
By: Leslie McAllister

Men's style is like a snail in terms of the trendy bits – it moves slowly and is unwavering in its direction.  It recycles itself and turns lazily on the fashion wheel of life.

Honestly, men don't have that many options when it comes to dressing.  There are the basic elements: T-shirt, dress shirt, pants, shoes, shorts, jacket, sweater, blazer.  But then there are the risk takers: tank top, muscle shirt, sweater vest, crop top, cut-off jean shorts.  Finally, the trailblazers: smoking jacket, ascot, cravat, leather pants, satin three-piece suit, crushed-velvet capelet (enter Cameron Silver).

So my opinion lies in the accessories.  Trends sway with the accoutrements.  Right now, and I mean now, as I type this, is where men are setting themselves apart from others.  They are wearing watches in clean designs, metal bracelets (talk to Evan Everheart), tie tacks, pocket watches, hats, skinny ties, sunglasses, statement rings, cuff links, manning up their iPhones with cool cases and covers, and sneaking a nip off of their engraved flasks (for the alcoholic on the go, thank you Gaffigan).

These are where the future of men's fashion lies (check out  I know, I know – the murse was short lived, but rest assured there is another transitioning element brewing as we speak.

Could it be the murban (cutoff turtleneck part worn as headband), the manny pack (I think that's obvious enough), or the gote (the gentleman's tote).

Whatever materializes we know this to be true: accessories and gadgets are our favorite gent’s artillery to style and be styled.  We look to our handsome brood to show us the way to cutting edge coolness.  They read Wire and we read Vogue.  It makes sense.  Ladies, we’re sitting this one out; we'll just try to keep up!

Who?  Josh Solt

Where?  Jekyll & Hydes

Why Josh?  I love Josh's use of gentlemanly accessories, like the tie tack for example.  The outfit overall matches but not in the matchy-matchy sort of way.  He puts things together that make sense and add appeal.

Let's face it, the ladies love the top-notch way Josh dresses it all up.  He is the new Beau Brummel (19th Century dandy gent that changed men's costume from overly ornate to fitted, tapered, tailored, and understated), but Josh doesn't insist his boots be polished with champagne like Brummel did.  Josh plays it more reserved than that.  I said to my friend Gretchen, after she and I did the shoot with Josh, "He is like the James Franco of Erie."  Very cool indeed.

What We Want to Know:

Describe your style.

I really like how clothes are becoming more fitted and clean cut. I don’t know if that’s a specific style or not – it just works for me.

Favorite accessory for men:

I love watches. I think most people now use their cell phones to tell time. Watches are just classier, and there are so many new small watch companies out there making really cool and affordable models.

Do you derive inspiration from any specific gentleman?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, David Beckham, Johnny Depp.

Favorite thing to do in Erie on a Friday night:

I work at Erie Beer, so when I go out, it's the bar scene for me. I have a 14-month old, so it’s not as often as I used to.  I also like to get out to baseball and hockey games.

How do you spend your summers?

I love summer. I like to golf, grill out, and spend time on our boat.

If you could be one kind of car which would you chose and why?

Porsche 911 Turbo. I think Porsches are beautiful and iconic sports cars

Top three favorite websites right now.

(I have to say I checked out all three sites and these are really awesome - talks about a comedy troupe coming to PACA in June.  Can't wait to check them out! Thanks, Josh, for turning us on to some great online knowledge).

What is playing on your iPod?

Alabama Shakes

Fill in the blank, if I were an animal I would be a _______.

I think I would probably be a dog. They are loyal and dependable.

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