Serial Gamer: Summertime: Gaming on the DL

Thursday, August 11th, 2011 at 2:17 PM
Serial Gamer: Summertime: Gaming on the DL by Paul Schillinger
Ryan Synder

July was a great month for me. Now before my fellow followers get all up-in-arms and start writing foul-mouthed, inappropriate letters to the editor, I decided that now was a good time to check in.

In the past month I may have only sunk a good 10 hours into games and a humbly nonexaggerated 100 hours into live music-- and winning Cornhole Tournaments. With 8 Great Tuesdays, Roar on the Shoar, The Chaffee Gathering, and Blues and Jazz Fest all happening in the span of one month, where am I supposed to get some quality time in with my PS3? I’m not here to get all “Michael Bennett” on you. If you are not a fan of the outdoors and human interaction you will probably not find much enjoyment in my summer (or lack there of) editorials.

Well, thankfully the summertime sees a dramatic lull in game releases. With only one triple-A title being released all summer long, I have been sinking my diminishing money and time into downloadable titles.

PS3 offered a handful of great downloadable summer titles including “Outland,” “Limbo,” “Beyond Good and Evil HD,” and many summer specials on old games I have been playing, such as “Castle Crashers” and “Shank.” All of these are fantastic games, and I would recommend them to anyone. Although, to me, “Limbo” is the best of the bunch for PS3 games this summer and it has been out on the 360 for over a year.

XBOX 360 is seeing a phenomenal stream of games coming out this summer. Although I have not played any of these titles yet, “Bastion,” “From Dust,” and “Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet” are all receiving rave review, and hopefully someday they’ll make their way to the PS3.

If none of these titles interest you in any way, or you have just never bought a downloadable game, you could always walk outside, enjoy the sunshine and head down to celibate Erie. Have you heard?!?! Kansas is playing! 

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